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Craig Minogue Bio | Biography, Age, Russel Street Bombing, jail Life and Win on High Court Appeal

Craig Minogue Bio | Biography

Craig Minogue was born in 1962. He is an Australian prisoner, sentenced for the 1986 bombing of the Russell Street Police Headquarters in Russell Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Minogue was sentenced to life imprisonment, with a non-parole sentence of 30 years. Minogue is at present serving his sentence at Marngoneet Correctional Center, in Lara, near Geelong, around one hour’s drive from Melbourne. In 2012 Minogue was granted his Ph.D. in applied ethics, human and social services by La Trobe University.

Craig Minogue Age

He was born in 1962 (age 55–56)
Occupation Convicted felon
Criminal charge Murder
Criminal penalty Life imprisonment, with a non-parole period of 30 years
Criminal status Incarcerated

Craig Minogue Russell Street Bombing

The Russell Street Bombing happened at approximately 1 pm on 27 March 1986, Easter Thursday. The impact from the blast killed 21-year-old Constable Angela Taylor and left 22 individuals injured. It left massive damage to the Russell Street Police Headquarters and encompassing structures, with damage assessed at over $500,000.


Craig Minogue Jail life

Minogue started numerous legal challenges against the Victorian government, mostly concerning his treatment while imprisoned. In 2002 Minogue applied unsuccessfully to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) and sought copies of prison administration and operation manuals. His request was however denied, but he was conceded access to constrained data and limited to review such data while inside the jail library. This decision was broadly criticized by academics and legal advisors as advancing an absence of authoritative straightforwardness in the jail framework and making a circumstance where the guidelines that detainees are supposed to abide by are concealed from them.

In 2005 Minogue, who entered the jail system as an illiterate, finished his Bachelor of Arts Degree with Honors from Deakin University. Around the same time he was accepted as a Ph.D. Understudy at La Trobe University, the first prisoner in Australia and one of only a handful few on the world to do so. Minogue utilizes his site to post data about his scholarly work.

In a coronial investigation into deaths in the fire at the prison, Minogue gave evidence for more than three days. Toward the culmination of the inquest, the State Coroner found Corrections Victoria was, in his words, “moribund and corrupt“. A book by Monash University scholarly and history specialist Dr. Bree Carlton, Imprisoning Resistance, analyzed detainee obstruction which prompted the Jika fire.

In 2016, after it was revealed Minogue had applied for parole and following media and public pressure on the Victorian government, Daniel Andrews, the Premier of Victoria, enacted to dispense with parole for people indicted with murdering a cop. The law was applied retrospectively and impacted Minogue’s application for parole. In 2017 Minogue tried to challenge the legitimacy of the new enactment, and in the 2017 yearly report of the Victorian Parole Board it was reported that the issue is in its early stages of being heard under before the High Court of Australia.

Craig Minogue wins a High Court appeal to make him eligible for parole

On 20 June 2018, Craig Minogue  won a High Court appeal against the law that keeps him in jail indefinitely.

Craig Minogue publications

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