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Eurydice Dixon Bio, Biography, Vigil, Murder and Rape Case | Death (1996-2018)

Eurydice Dixon Short Bio, Biography

Eurydice Dixon was an Australian comedian, born in 1996 and died on 2018.

Eurydice Dixon DOB


Eurydice Dixon Death

13 June 2018



Cause of Death

Murder and rape by Mr. Jaymes Todd on her way home on a Tuesday night after a comedy performance in Melbourne City.

Eurydice Dixon Bio, Biography

Eurydice Dixon was an Australian comedian, born in 1996 and died on 2018. The 22 years old had performed her one-woman comedy show entitled ‘At Home, I fell like a Terrorist‘  in a solo show. On his way to her home after the performance on the night of 13th June 2018, she was sexually assaulted by a 19 years old man (Mr. Jaymes Todd) and killed in the process. The man surrendered himself to the police after video footage surfaced on the wake of 14th June.

Eurydice Dixon Rape and Murder

Eurice Dixon was raped and murdered on her way after a comedy performance in Melbourne City, Australia. The man identified as Mr. Todd, a 19 years old, allegedly  Autism ( or autism spectrum disorder, refers to a range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication, as well as by unique strengths and differences.) surrendered himself to the after CCTV footage identifying him surfaced online. Investigations into the murder and rape are underway as police are taking statements from witnesses.

A staff member at the bar said that she used to perform at the club every Tuesday.

‘She performed here every Tuesday night, and it has hit everyone here really hard.’

Another Highlander Bar employee, Jaymes Forman, said she was a regular at the bar and performed to packed houses, The Age reported.

‘She was just wonderful, everybody who knew her at the bar would comment on what a lovely and polite person she was. She was quite shy and very reserved, which was very strange because once she got up on stage she’d have the attention of the whole room and they’d all be laughing.’

She recently appeared in a comic sketch titled ‘A Date With Death’ in which she was depicted as a victim of a stabbing murder. ‘Age 35, stabbed and left for dead in an alleyway behind the Victoria Gardens Kmart,’ said an actor playing Death as Ms. Dixon lay motionless on the stage.

Eurydice Dixon Mudder / Rape Case, Initial Trial

Melbourne’s Magistrate Court was told the Victoria Police investigation concerning Mr. Jaymes Todd is as yet progressing and they were still to finish taking statements from witnesses.

Magistrate Andrew McKenna was additionally told by Mr. Jaymes Todd’s legal counselor John Riordan that Mr. Todd has Autism Spectrum Disorder and takes medication.

An attempt to have Mr. Todd’s name undisclosed due to his autism, safety while in custody and a fact that Mr. Todd had a younger brother were dismissed by the court. However, the Magistrate has suppressed any pictures of accused killer and rapist Jaymes Todd, to protect him in custody.

“There could be any adolescent by the name of Todd out there who is a relative of Mr. Todd’s,” the judge said.

Fundraising to Eurydice Dixon Family

Star comics Celia Pacquola, Anne Edmonds and Corey White, alongside Melbourne International Comedy Festival executive Susan Provan, are among more than 100 individuals to give in the help of Ms. Dixon’s family after the 22-year-old was assaulted and murdered after execution at the Highlander Bar in Melbourne’s CBD.

Eurydice Dixon Vigil

On 17th June, 2018 thousands of people expressed grief and anger at a candlelit vigil at the Melbourne park where 22-year-old comedian Eurydice Dixon’s body was found last week. Many expressed their anger and disgust of the incident as they honored the life of the victim, Eurydice Dickson. Some turned to Social media to  share the proceedings of the vigil. Here are some of them on twitter.

Eurydice Dixon memorial vandalised

A makeshift memorial of flowers notes left in tribute to the Melbourne comedian Eurydice Dixon has been vandalized at the end of the weekend with thick white paint.

A Victoria police spokesman said police discovered the paint during routine patrols of the park around 3.50am on Monday morning 18 June 2018. Various items were seized from the scene, and the police dog squad has been through the area in search of the perpetrators. Fire crews had to use high-pressure hoses to remove offensive graffiti painted next to the tributes.

Police will ensure the markings are removed as soon as possible, and the investigation is ongoing,” the spokesman said.

Reactions on Twitter on the Wake of the Murder and Rape



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