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Ian Collett Bio | Biography, Age, family, Dementia, Disappearance and Found Dead

Ian Collett Bio | Biography

Ian Collet was a 65 years old Austrarian from Perth who dissappeared from his Canning Vale home on 19 May 2018, and an extensive search lasting almost two weeks failed to locate him. He was found dead on 21 June 2018 around 9:30 a.m by workers in bushland near Hakea Road in Ashendon, around four metres from the road. Ian collet was suffering from dementiadecline in memory or other thinking skills severe enough to reduce a person’s ability to perform everyday activities.

Ian Collett Age

He was 65 years old
Ian Collett Dissapearance date 19 May 2018
Ian Collett Found Dead He was found dead on 21 June 2018

Ian Collet Disappearance

The 65-year-old Mr. Collett, who had been suffering from dementia, disappeared from his Canning Vale home on 19 May 2018. An extensive by the search lasting two weeks followed, but Collet was not found.

The effort to locate the missing man, Mr. Collte included hundreds of police, SES volunteers and community members.

Ian Collett Found Dead

The body was found early today on 21 June 2018 at around 9:30 am by a street laborer in bushland along Albany Highway in Ashendon.

Albany Highway was closed for police to conduct some investigation on around the area which the body was found.

Acting Commander Sorrell said he was glad that all the protocols were followed during the search operation.

The search was far-reaching, qualified individuals doing as well as can be expected, and unfortunately we don’t generally get the result that people expect,” he said.

The general search kept running for 17 days and took in 178 kilometers of the street and 100,000 hectares.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get the result that we wanted by finding Mr. Collett alive, and this tragic situation this morning reminds everybody of the circumstances that the families of people living with dementia have to face,” Acting Commander Sorrell said.

Ian Collett Family Dissapointed by tragedy

Th familly of Ian Collet expected to find their kin alive. However police said they will conduct a forensic analysis on the found body to give closure to the matter.

Hopefully once if we confirm, and we will confirm through forensic process, that should give the family some closure which we are happy about.”

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