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Lucy Gichuhi Bio | Biography, Age, Husband, Daughters, Salary, Corruption Allegation and Interview

Lucy Gichuhi Bio | Biography

Lucy Muringo Gichuhi was born on 23 September 1962. She is an Australian lawmaker and a Liberal Party Senator for South Australia. Ms Gichuhi won the South Australia seat last year through a vote recount after the winner’s election was nullified, becoming the first senator of African descent in the Australian senate. She was declared to have been elected at the 2016 election for the Family First Party following a special recount on 13 April 2017 ordered by the High Court of Australia. The High Court found out that Bob Day had not been eligible to stand for election. Gichuhi initially sat in the Senate as an Independent, after declining to join the Australian Conservatives, which later merged with the Family First Party. In February 2018, she declared she had joined the governing Liberal/National Coalition, sitting in the Liberal Party.
Lucy Gichuhi Senator for South Australia
Assumed office
19 April 2017
Preceded by Bob Day
Personal details

Lucy Gichuhi Born | Age

Lucy Muringo Munyiri was born on 23 September 1962 (age 55 as of 2018)
Hiriga, Nyeri CountyKenya
Citizenship Australian (2001–)
Kenyan (1962–2001)
Political party Liberal Party of Australia (2018–to date)
Independent (2017–2018)
Family First (2016–2017)

Lucy Gichuhi Spouse(s) | Husband

William Gichuhi

Lucy Gichuhi Children | Daughters

Lucy Gchuhi and her husband William Gichuhi have three daughters Peris, Agnes, and Joy.
Residence Adelaide, South AustraliaAustralia
Education Lwak Girls’ High School
University | College University of Nairobi
University of South Australia
Occupation Project manager
(Ernst & Young)
(Government of South Australia)
Profession Public servant

Lucy Gichuhi Political perspectives

In spite of having experienced childhood in provincial Kenya, Gichuhi says that the idea of poverty never entered her brain, and she is solidly against government handouts as she trusts “they make casualties and no one wins”. She said her Christian faith was the foundation of her political convictions, however emphatically supports flexibility of religion.

She is a public opponent of same-sex marriage and expressed that she would vote against any proposed bill, regardless of the results of the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey. On 29 November 2017 when the bill was voted in the Senate, Gichuhi was one of twelve congresspersons who voted against it.

Lucy Gichuhi salary

The South Australian Liberal senator Lucy Gichuhi has been quoted as saying that her salary of $200,000 per year is “not a lot of money” in Australia. The senator said so in interview (below) with JKL Citizen  TV early this year (2018).

Lucy Gichuhi Corruption Allegation

Lucy Gichuhi has agreed to pay back funds she used to fly two relatives to her birthday party.

The South Australia senator utilized Australian $2,139 (Sh160,993) to fly the relatives to her “50th plus Goods and Service Tax (GST)” birthday celebrations in Adelaide, Australia.

Lucy Gichuhi Interview with JKL


Follow below the full Interview of Lucy Gichuhi at JKL on YouTube.


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