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Police have started a forensic search at Lyn Dawsons former home

Lyn Dawson Biography

Lyn Dawson Bio

Lyn Dawson is a Sydney housewife who vanished 36 years ago after discovering that her teacher husband had been having an affair with a pupil. She was born in 1949 and was married to Chris Dawson in 1970. The husband was suspected of killing her, but cops never charged him with her murder due to a lack of evidence. The couple had two daughters, Shanelle, the oldest and Sherryn Dawson.
Personal details
Lyn Dawson Born 1949
Lyn Dawson Age 33 years at the time of she went missing
Lyn Dawson Husband
Was married to Chris Dawson (Christopher Dawson)
Lyn Dawson Daughters

two daughters, Shanelle, the oldest and Sherryn Dawson

Lyn Dawson Brother

Gregg Simms

Ex-rugby star Chris Dawson and Lyn on their wedding day in 1970
Ex-rugby star Chris Dawson and Lyn on their wedding day in 1970

Lyn Dawson Husband, Chris Dawson affair with 16 years old Joanne Curtis

Chris Dawson had been having an affair with his 16-year-old pupil Joanne Curtis. Weeks before her disappearance, Lyn confronted Joanne and allegedly said to her: “You’ve been taking liberties with my husband.”

Chris teen lover and student Joanne, centre, who would babysit for his two daughters
Chris teen lover and student Joanne, centre, who would babysit for his two daughters

The Disappearance of Lyn Dawson

In December 1981, her husband Chirs and her young lover, 16 years old Joanne “ran away” to start a new life in Queensland. But she panicked, and they returned to Sydney to ­continue their affair.

Then in January 1982, while Joanne was away with friends, Lyn vanished. She was reported missing on 18th February 1982 by the husband, Chris Dawson.

Chris claims Lyn had told him she was going away for a while and “not to worry about her.”

Two days after his wife’s disappearance, Chris moved Joanne back into the family home.

Was husband Chris Dawson involved?

Even though Lyn’s body has never been found, two separate coroners in Sydney, Australia, have concluded that Chris killed her.

Mr Dawson’s former schoolgirl lover, Joanne Curtis, believes that Lyn was buried on the property at Bayview on Sydney’s northern beaches, and urged the police to look in the soft soil.

The director of public prosecutions in New South Wales twice ruled there was insufficient evidence to charge Chris with murder.

Chris, who now lives in Queensland with his third wife, denies murdering Lyn – and bizarrely claims to have spotted her in the background of an episode of the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow filmed in Padstow, Cornwall.

Lyn Dawson Husband, Chris Dawson

Chris is a former professional rugby league player, who used to play for Newtown Jets. At the time of Lyn disappearance, he was working as a P.E. teacher at Croner High School. He was having an affair with a student of the school, 16 years old Joanne Curtis.

Lyn Dawson Daughters

Chris and Lyn had two daughters, Shanelle, the oldest and Sherryn Dawson, who were 4 years and 2 years old respectively at the time when their mother went missing.

The two daughters have varying opinions with the younger publicly defending her father. Her older sister, Shanelle, on the other hand, has emphatically rejected the suggestion their mother simply walked out on them. “I don’t believe for a moment that she left us voluntarily and then stayed away all this time,” Shanelle told the podcast.

Police identify key areas to search at, Chris Dawson, former Sydney home

On 12 September 2018, NSW Police began examining “anomalies” in the grounds of the former Sydney home of missing woman Lynette Dawson, as they hunt for her remains.

Homicide Squad Commander Detective Superintendent Scott Cook says officers will conduct a “hand dig” and feed the resulting material into a sifter.

The digging at the property on Sydney’s northern beaches is expected to last for at least five days.

“We will go until we hit the rock,” Det Supt Cook said today. “Previously when we conducted examinations here, there was some anomalies in the ground. They were inspected previously. We’ll revisit them. It’s all about getting justice for Lyn.”

A special investigation by The Australian’s Hedley Thomas and David Murray has revived interest in the case.



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