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Michelle Guthrie Bio, Biography, Age, Husband (Darren Farr), Children, Net Worth, Former Managing Director ABC

24 September 2018, Former ABC Chair Justin Milne announce that Guthrie had been sacked from the role of managing director of ABC

Michelle Guthrie Biography

Michelle Guthrie Bio

Michelle Guthrie was born in Sydney, Australia in 1965. She went to school at Kambala Girls’ School and studied arts and law at the University of Sydney. She joined the law firm Allen, Allen, and Hemsley as a media and technology legal advisor in Sydney and Singapore. Guthrie then moved to London as a corporate counsel for News International. She remained with the News Corporation group of companies for thirteen years, returning to Australia for an 18-month stint as director of legal and business development for Foxtel, then to Hong Kong to replace James Murdoch as the CEO of STAR TV. In 2007. She became managing director of Providence Equity Partners in Hong Kong. In 2011, Guthrie joined Google as managing director of partner business solutions and later was managing director for agencies for the Asia-Pacific region, based in the company’s Singapore office.
Michelle Guthrie Age Was born on 1965 (age 53 years), Sydney, Australia
Michelle Guthrie Residence Sydney
Michelle Guthrie Education Law degree
University of Sydney
Michelle Guthrie Husband Darren Farr
Michelle Guthrie Net Worth $16 Million as of 2018 est.
Occupation former Managing Director, ABC
Employer ABC – 2015-2018

Michelle Guthrie  Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

In December 2015, it was announced that Guthrie would become managing director of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), replacing Mark Scott who retired in April 2016. Guthrie assumed the ABC position on 2 May 2016. She has been criticised for her lack of understanding of public broadcasting and journalism.

Michelle Guthrie Sacked from ABC

On 24 September 2018, ABC Chair Justin Milne announced that Guthrie had been sacked from the role of managing director of the ABC after the board of directors had concluded it was not in the best interests of the organisation for her to continue.

Michelle Guthrie in a statement said she is devastated by the ABC board’s decision to sack her. She is considering legal options terming her termination as unwarranted. The chairman to the Board, Justin Milne, blamed her leadership style and said choosing the right leader was a “lottery.”

Michelle Guthrie Family

Guthrie is married to Darren Farr, a chef and restaurateur, who runs The LoKal restaurant in Singapore and one of the founding chefs at the original Tetsuya in Sydney. The couple has two daughters.

Michelle Guthrie husband, Darren Farr
Michelle Guthrie husband, Darren Farr

Michelle Guthrie and Justin Milne Four Corners

Four Corners episode (season 57, episode 41) was aired on Monday 12th November 2018 and it featured the ABC  decision to fire managing director Michelle Guthrie.

The current affairs show was able to convince Guthrie to give her first interview since she was removed six weeks ago by securing the co-operation of former chairman Justin Milne, who resigned after parts of a dossier were leaked to the press accusing him of attempting to exercise political interference over the ABC’s journalism.

After Guthrie learned that Milne had agreed to discuss their relationship on air, the former private equity manager decided she needed to give her side of the story too, a source said.

In an assertion of editorial independence, senior ABC managers were kept away from the project and the board will have to wait for the broadcast to find out what information it has uncovered. Veteran journalist Sarah Ferguson reported the episode under the oversight of John Lyons, the head of investigative and in-depth journalism, with the help of an external lawyer.

Michelle Guthrie during interviews with Four Corners accused Justin Milne of touching her inappropriately weeks before the former ABC chairman sacked her halfway into a five-year term.

Guthrie told the ABC’s Four Corners program Milne had engaged in “inappropriate touching” but would not detail whether it was sexual harassment.

“I felt icky, it was inappropriate, it was unprofessional and inappropriate,” Guthrie said in an interview with the reporter Sarah Ferguson for Bitter End, a Four Corners investigation of what happened at the ABC when both Guthrie and Milne lost their jobs within days of each other.

Milne, however, denied he ever behaved inappropriately towards Guthrie and insisted she had been sacked because she was failing to lead the ABC.

“Well, she outlined a number of allegations and you’re going to have to forgive me for not going into the chapter and verse, except to say that I never, ever behaved in an inappropriate way with Michelle,” Milne said. “I had no reason to whatsoever and I didn’t.”



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