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Susan Lamb Bio, Biography, Age, Husband, Children, Eligibility Crisis, Citizenship and win in the marginal seat of Longman

Susan Lamb win in the marginal seat of Longman

Susan Lamb Bio

Susan Lamb was born 23 March 1972. She is an Australian politician. She is the Member for the Division of Longman following the July 2018 election after her resignation on 10 May 2018 as a part of the 2017–18 Australian parliamentary eligibility crisis. She held the sit from the  2016 election for the Parliament of Australia held on 2 July 2016.
Member of the Australian Parliament for Longman
In office

  • 2 July 2016 – 10 May 2018
  • Re-elected on the same sit on July 2018
Preceded by Wyatt Roy

Susan Lamb Personal details

Born 23 March 1972 (age 46)Mackay, Queensland
  • Australian
  • British
Political party Australian Labor Party
Husband  Rolly
Children George, Chris, Jack and Kyle
Occupation Politician
Teacher Aide (former)
Union Official (former)

Susan Lamb Biography

Lamb was born in Mackay, Queensland, she started her career as an assistant teacher, then a lead organiser with United Voice from 2012. Lamb defeated the Liberal National Party of Queensland’s former Assistant Minister for Innovation Wyatt Roy in the Australian federal election, 2016. The LNP had expected to retain the seat located in Brisbane’s northern suburbs only to lose by a small margin of 0.79%.

Susan Lamb 2017-18 Parliamentary Eligibility Crisis

In 2017 -18 Lamb is implicated in Australian parliamentary eligibility crisis as she was alleged to be a British citizen by descent through her deceased father, born in Scotland.  Before the 2016, She had attempted to renounce her British citizenship before nominations for election. However, her renunciation form was refused by UK authorities as they were not satisfied that she was, in fact, a British citizen, and requested further documents as evidence. Lamb claimed to have fulfilled all the requirements of section 44(i) as she believed she had taken all reasonable steps to renounce her citizenship – if it were the case that Lamb was a British citizen – as she was unable to provide any further documents; she said she was “estranged” from her mother and that her father had passed away. On 7 February 2018, she gave a more extended description of her life story in a speech to the House of Representatives. The British government requested her British passport (she has never held one) and her parents’ marriage certificate. She claims her mother left the family when she was six years old, and she has no relationship with her mother as her father had died. However, Lamb’s mother and stepmother later contradicted her version of the story. It was revealed that she and her mother had maintained contact at least until 2014 and her mother helped organise her wedding. The government stated that it believed that her situation should be referred to the High Court for a decision on her eligibility.

Susan Lamb Resignation

On 9 May 2018, Lamb announced her resignation from the House of Representatives following the High Court of Australia ruling that Senator Katy Gallagher was ineligible to contest the 2016 election. On 15 May, the Labor Party released documentation from the UK Home Office confirming that Lamb’s citizenship had been renounced the previous day, clearing her to nominate as a candidate for the Longman by-election.

Susan Lamb win in the marginal seat of Longman

On Saturday 28 July 2018 as per early results, Ms Lamb looked to regain the electorate with 41.7 percent of the vote and a 4.3 percent swing. On two-party preferred rates, the ALP was ahead of the LNP with 58 percent of the poll.

Ms Ruthenberg received just 26.2 percent of the vote according to early results with a remarkable 10.1 percent negative swing, while One Nation’s Matthew Stephen saw 15.2 percent and a 6.1 percent positive swing and the Greens’ Gavin Behrens earned 6.1 percent of votes.

In her victory speech, Ms Lamb said the victory sends a message to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull about the interests of everyday voters.

Reaction on Social Media on her Re-election



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