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Chas Hodges Bio, Biography, Death and Cause, Net Worth, Chas & Dave, Wife (Joan Hodges), Children

Chas Hodges dies on 22 September 2018, aged 74, after suffering from organ failure

Chas Hodges Biography

Chas Hodges Bio

Charles Nicholas Hodges was born on 28 December 1943 in Edmonton, London, United Kingdom and died on 22 September 2018. He was an English musician and singer, and lead vocalist of the musical duo Chas & Dave. Hodges died in his sleep in the early hours of 22 September 2018, aged 74, after suffering from organ failure following treatment for cancer.

Background information
Chas Hodges Birth name Charles Nicholas Hodges
Chas Hodges Birthday Born on 28 December 1943 Edmonton, Middlesex, England
Chas Hodges Death and Cause Died on 22 September 2018 (aged 74) due to Organ dysfunction after Cancer Treatment
Chas Hodges Wife
Joan Hodges (m. 1966 – 2018)
Chas Hodges Children Nik Hodges (Son) and Kate Garner (Daughter)
Chas Hodges Net Worth $6 million as at the time of his death (est.)
Genres Rock, pop
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Vocals, piano, guitar, bass, banjo
Years active 1960–2018
Labels Retreat, EMI, Rockney
Associated acts Chas & Dave, Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers, The Outlaws, Heads Hands & Feet, Chas & His Band

Chas Hodges Early Life

Hodges was born at the North Middlesex Hospital and grew up in north London. He formerly played bass guitar in groups, before switching to the piano in the 1970s. Hodges claims that he learnt the instrument by watching Jerry Lee Lewis while backing him.

Chas Hodges Career Higlights

  • Hodges proceeded to join Heads Hands & Feet before playing with Albert Lee and Dave Peacock in Black Claw. He also played piano for a short-lived band called the Rockers, which featured Roy Wood, Phil Lynott and John Coghlan.
  • In 1975 Hodges and Dave Peacock played on Labi Siffre’s Remember My Song album. Eminem sampled a riff from the song “I Got The” (featuring Hodges on guitar and Peacock on bass) on his hit “My Name Is”.
  • In 2010, he guested on an album by Vince Eager (Western Star Records) called 788 Years of Rock n Roll, which also featured Albert Lee and Marty Wilde. The following year Hodges returned to the label to record a solo album titled Together We Made Music.
  • In 2014, Hodges also guested on Simon Fowler’s new band Merrymouth’s album, Wenlock Hill, contributing piano on the song “Salt Breeze”, along with John McCusker who played violin.
  • Hodges was a keen gardener. In 2014, he started his Rock n Roll Allotment column in the British newspaper The Daily Express.

Chas Hodges Tottenham Hotspur 

Hodges is famous and popular among Tottenham Hotspur Football Club fans owing to singles he has released as half of the duo Chas & Dave (with Dave Peacock). These include “Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspur”, “Hot Shot Tottenham”, “When the Year Ends in One”, “Spurs Medley” and “Ossie’s Dream” also known as “Spurs are on their way to Wembley”. In 2009, following the death of his wife Sue, Peacock announced his retirement from performing with Chas & Dave. However, he changed his mind the following year and announced a tour for 2011.

Chas Hodges Cancer

On 6 February 2017, it was announced that Hodges had been diagnosed with cancer of the oesophagus. A statement on social media said the illness had been caught “at an early stage”, and that he would be undergoing treatment immediately. The pair stated that they hoped to be “back out on the road” soon.

Chas Hodges Death and Cause

Hodges died in his sleep in the early hours of 22 September 2018, aged 74, after suffering from organ failure following treatment for cancer. He is survived by his two children Nik Hodges (Son) and Kate Garner (Daughter) and his wife, Joan.

Joan Hodges, Chas Hodges’s Wife

Joan Hodges and Chas Hodges got married in 1966. Joan led a somewhat glamorous life before their marriage- in 1965 she left the UK to train in the Chicago Playboy Club to become one of the original six Playboy Bunny Girls. The couple had two children, Nik Hodges (Son) and Kate Garner (Daughter).Chas Hodges with his wife Joan Hodges and

Chas Hodges with his wife Joan Hodges andWhen she returned to England the in 1966, she began auditioning and training girls for the opening of the London Playboy Club in Park Lane.

During this time she was also chosen by Frank Sinatra to appear in his film The Naked Runner.



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