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Eunice Gayson Biography, Daughter, Family, Net Worth, Movies and TV Shows, Death (1928-2018)

Eunice Gayson Biography

Eunice Gayson was born on 17th March 1928 and died on 8th June 2018. She was an English actress is best known for acting as James Bond’s girlfriend, Sylvia Trench in (Dr. No and From Russia with Love). Initially, Gayson was to be given a role as Miss Moneypenny; however, that part went to Lois Maxwell. She was the first official Bond’s girlfriend.

Born Eunice Gayson was born on 17th March 1928 in CroydonSurrey, UK
Died Eunice Gayson died on 8th June 2018 (aged 90)
Years active 1948–2018
Notable credit(s) Sylvia Trench in Dr. No and From Russia with Love
Spouse(s) | Husband Leigh Vance (married on 1953; divorced on 1957)
Brian Jackson (married on 1957; divorced on 1977)


Eunice Gayson Acting Career/Profession

For various years Grayson filled the role of Frau Schrader (The Baroness) in the London generation of The Sound Of Music at the Palace Theater, singing two tunes which were cut from the film adaptation.

Gayson was initially to have been a regular face in the Bond film series; however, her character was dropped. Gayson’s voice in Dr. No and From Russia with Love was overdubbed by voice performer Nikki van der Zyl, just like the voices of about every one of the on-screen characters showing up in the initial two Bond films. However, Gayson’s genuine voice can even now be heard in different trailers for Dr. No.

As the principal female to be seen in Dr. No together with James Bond (Sean Connery), she is formally the plain first actress to have played a Bond young lady on film.

Gayson additionally assumed a noteworthy part in the Hammer blood and guts movie The Revenge of Frankenstein and was seen on the TV show, for example, The Saint and The Avengers.

Eunice Gayson Daughter

Eunice Gayson’s daughter is Kate Gayson. She was born on 1971 and she is currently 47 years old. He was featured in a Casino scene of the 1995 Bond film GoldenEye.

Eunice Gayson Death

Eunice Gayson died on 8 June 2018, aged 90.  Gayson’s official Twitter feed related the news this morning.

The official James Bond Twitter account also shared their condolence message on twitter.

Eunice Gayson Net Worth

Eunice Gayson evaluated total assets as of 2017 was estimated at around $1.2 Million.  This included an Eunice Gayson earlier years Net Worth, Income, Salary and Property subtle elements.

Eunice Gayson Movies and TV Shows

Our hearts goes out to the family and friend of Eunice Gayson. Fare  Thee Well…


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