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Katie Piper Bio, Biography, Age, Husband (Richard James Sutton), Daughters, Parents, Siblings, Net Worth, Acid Attack, Strictly Come Dancing

13 August 2018 Katie Piper was announced as the first contestant for 2018, Strictly Come Dancing.

Katie Piper Wiki

Katie Piper Bio

Kate Elizabeth Piper was born on 12 October 1983 in Andover, United Kingdom. She is an English philanthropist, television presenter and former model from Andover, Hampshire. Piper had hoped to have a full-time career in the media, but in March 2008 sulphuric acid was thrown in her face. The attack, which blinded Piper in one eye, was arranged by Piper’s ex-boyfriend Danny Lynch and carried out by an accomplice Stefan Sylvestre; both men were arrested and are serving life sentences in prison with the possibility of parole.

Born Kate Elizabeth Piper was born on 12 October 1983 in Andover, England, UK
Age  34 years old as of 2018
Nationality British
Occupation Activist, writer, television presenter
Husband | Spouse(s) Richard Sutton (m. 2015)
Daughters Belle Elizabeth PiperPenelope Diane
Parents David Piper her father and her mother Diane
Siblings She has an older brother, Paul and a younger sister, Suzy.
Net Worth As of 2018,Katie Piper net worth is $3 million
Strictly Come Dancing On 13 August 2018, she was announced as the first contestant for 2018, Strictly Come Dancing.

Katie Piper Biography

Piper was born in Andover, Hampshire to her parents, David Piper her father and her mother Diane, and attended Harrow Way School and Portway Junior School as a child. She has an older brother, Paul and a younger sister, Suzy.

After leaving school, Piper trained as a beautician, aiming to build on her fondness for fashion and beauty and to follow in the footsteps of her father, who worked as a barber.

Katie Piper Assault and acid attack

Daniel Lynch, a martial arts enthusiast who had been tracking Piper’s media and modelling career, met her through the online social site Facebook in 2008. Unknown to her, Lynch had previously been jailed for throwing boiling water into a man’s face. The two first met in person in Reading, Berkshire, where Piper had been working, and initially Piper was pleased with the relationship.

After dating for two weeks, the couple booked into a hotel in Bayswater on 29 March 2008, following a meal out. In the hotel room, Lynch raped and beat Piper, threatened to cut her with a razor and hang her, and stabbed her several times in the arms. After eight hours at the hotel, they drove back to Piper’s Golders Green flat. Piper was treated for her wounds at Royal Free Hospital, but withheld the nature of the incident from the doctors and police, because she was afraid of Lynch.

Piper received numerous phone calls and apologies from Lynch. On 31 March 2008, two days after the initial attack, Lynch persuaded Piper to go to an internet cafe to read an email he had sent to her Facebook account. Lynch gave her details to Stefan Sylvestre, who identified her on Golders Green Road. Wearing a hoodie to obscure his identity, Sylvestre approached Piper, who thought he was going to ask for money, and then threw sulphuric acid at her face.

The attack was caught on CCTV, and the police later arrested the two, Lynch and Sylvestre.

Lynch received two life sentences and will serve a minimum of 16 years. Sylvestre received a life sentence and will serve a minimum of 12 years. As a pre-trial inmate, Lynch was held in Pentonville Prison.

Stefan Sylvestre was released from a jail in Suffolk on Wednesday 10th October 2018. after serving for almost a decade.

Katie Piper released a statement via her Twitter account as captioned below;

Katie Piper Treatment

Immediately after the attack, Piper ran into a local café, where an ambulance was called. The medical crew had to wait an hour before being able to treat Piper, because of the risk presented by the acid, which was still unidentified at that point. Piper was treated in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, where Dr Mohammad Ali Jawad led her treatment. The acid, some of which Piper had swallowed, blinded her in her left eye and caused partial thickness and full thickness burns. The surgeons completely removed the skin of Piper’s face and replaced it with a skin substitute, Matriderm, to build the foundations for a skin graft. This procedure was the first of its kind to be done in a single operation.

Piper was put into an induced coma for 12 days, during which her weight dropped to 38 kg (84 lbs). She has been through a total of 40 surgical operations to treat her injuries and wore a plastic face mask for 23 hours a day, which flattened the scars and helped retain moisture. As part of her care from the National Health Service, Piper was treated at a clinic in Southern France. The treatment she received there was designed to break down scar tissue, and prevent skin contraction.

Katie Piper Career

In 2009, Piper chose to give up her anonymity to increase awareness about burn victims. The Channel 4 documentary Katie: My Beautiful Face was first aired on 29 October 2009 as part of the Cutting Edge series; it has been repeated on several occasions, made available for online on-demand access and sold internationally.

Piper has most recently appeared in follow-up series for Channel 4, released a best-selling autobiography, and had a regular column in weekly magazines. She also presents the Channel 4 television series Bodyshockers about members of the public about to undergo body-altering operations and those who regret procedures they have had. However, she primarily works for her charitable organisation the Katie Piper Foundation.

Katie Piper Family

In October 2013, Piper announced that she was pregnant. She gave birth to her first child, Belle Elizabeth Piper, in March 2014. In December 2014, she announced her engagement to her partner Richard James Sutton. They wedded on 6 November 2015.  In June 2017, Piper announced she was pregnant with her second child, Penelope Diane. On 13 December 2017, she gave birth to the couple’s second daughter.

Richard James Sutton with Spouse Katie Piper
Richard James Sutton with Spouse Katie Piper

Katie Piper Swarovski Brand Ambassador

In 2018, Piper became a brand ambassador for Swarovski, alongside celebrity chef Nadiya Hussain, and CoppaFeel founder Kris Hallenga.

Katie Piper Strictly Come Dancing Competition

On 13 August 2018, she was announced as the first contestant for 2018, Strictly Come Dancing.


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