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Leslie Grantham Bio | Biography

Leslie Michael Grantham was born on 30th April 1947. He was an English actor best referred to for his part as Dirty” Den Watts in the BBC musical drama TV show EastEnders.

Grantham was likewise a convicted murderer, having served ten years for the murder of a West German cab driver. He also generated huge press coverage as the result of an online sex scandal in 2004.

H died on the wake of 15 June 2018 after returning to England after receiving some treatment in Bulgaria.

Leslie Grantham Age

Leslie Michael Grantham was born on 30 April 1947in CamberwellLondon, England and died on 15 June 2018 (aged 71 years old) 



Years active


Known for

Playing Den Watts in EastEnders (1985–89, 2003–05)

Criminal charge


Criminal penalty

Life imprisonment, served for 10 years, (1967–77)


Jane Laurie (m. 1981; div. 2013)


Lessie Grantham married Jane Laurie in 1981, and they had three grown up children Spike, Jake and Danny.

Lessie Grantham Cause of Death

Grantham returned from Bulgaria for some medical treatment of an undisclosed ailment. He died in the early hours of 15 June 2018, aged 71. Family and friends were at his bedside during the last few days of his life as his condition progressively deteriorated. The episode of EastEnders broadcast that evening was dedicated to his memory.

Leslie Grantham Health Concerns

Leslie Grantham, was reported to be fighting for his life. His representative had stated that Grantham did not want to comment on his health but asked that the privacy of his family and friends be respected.

Grantham returned to the UK early this month, June 2018, from Bulgaria, where he had been staying for a number of years  under the doctors care.

Leslie Grantham Early life

Grantham was born in Camberwell, London, the child of Adelaide (née Flinders) and Walter William Grantham (1915– 1998). He was a promising netball player in his childhood, representing South London Combined Schools as wing attack. He enrolled in the Royal Fusiliers regiment of the British Army in 1965, at 18 years old.

Leslie Grantham Murder conviction

On 3 December 1966, Grantham attempted to ransack a cab driver, Felix Reese, in Osnabrück, Lower Saxony, West Germany. A struggle between Grantham and the driver followed, and Reese died from a gunshot wound to the head. In his statement to the police following his arrest, Grantham said that he didn’t know the gun was loaded and it had gone off during the struggle, which would have brought about a conviction for murder if a jury the version of events. Be that as it may, at his preliminary in 1967 he was consequently convicted of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. Even though he had murdered in West Germany, he served the entirety of his imprisonment in different British penitentiaries. The transfers were on account of soldiers and officers indicted any criminal offense that warrants a sentence of more than two years are consequently exchanged to Her Majesty’s Prison Service since they are additionally automatically dishonorably released.

Grantham was discharged in 1977, having served 10 years. While he was in Leyhill Prison, he acted in a few plays for detainees and individuals from the general population and edited the prison newspaper. He was urged to get more involved with acting professionally by Labor Party government official T. Dan Smith, who had likewise been a detainee at Leyhill in the mid-1970s. He additionally met on-screen character Louise Jameson during her visit to Leyhill in the mid-1970s; she had also urged him to take up acting, and he turned out to be great friends with her.

Leslie Grantham Online sex Scandal

In May 2004 a Sunday daily paper printed photos of Grantham exposing himself and masturbating while sucking his finger in a sexually-suggestive way via a webcam from his changing area to an undercover columnist named “Amanda.” Grantham also professedly dressed as Captain Hook while pleasuring himself, and offended a few cast individuals from EastEnders, including Shane Richie, Wendy Richard, Kim Medcalf and Jessie Wallace. Grantham a statement which read,

I am wholeheartedly embarrassed about my conduct and feel that I have let down my colleagues, and my loved ones.” He additionally included, “In some little reward I expect to make a gift to philanthropy as a sign of my apology.” On 5 November 2004, it was affirmed that Grantham would leave the series and that the character would by and by be killed off – however, this time there would be no rebounds, and the “coffin lid would be nailed shut.”

He however said in later interviews that he ‘was set up.’

Leslie Grantham Career

Leslie Grantham Early work

On release from jail Grantham chose to pusue an acting career and trained at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art. His auditorium work incorporated a part in a play at the Battersea Free Theater composed by TV chief Matthew Robinson. In 1982 Grantham influenced his TV to make a big appearance as Boollie in a BBC2 Playhouse version called Jake’s End. The next year he showed up as Frank on a scene of the fleeting sitcom Goodnight and God Bless. Grantham was then given by Matthew Robinson a role as Kiston, the partner in crime of Davros, in a 1984 Doctor Who serial, Resurrection of the Daleks. He additionally played a signs sergeant in scene 12 of the small scale TV arrangement The Jewel in the Crown. He likewise composed a play qualified A Reason For Live, which won the Gloucester Drama Festival grant for best unique play. In 1985, he showed up in the film Morons from Outer Space, however when this film was discharged, Grantham had discovered popularity in a significant diverse condition, and with a considerably more prominent part.

Leslie Grantham EastEnders

In 1984, he tried out with the BBC for a section in its new  musical drama EastEnders, which went on air in February 1985. He was prescribed by Matthew Robinson, who was to wind up a key character from the EastEnders generation team. Grantham had tried out for the part of market broker Pete Beale, but he was offered the piece of Dennis Watts. The character, landowner of the Queen Victoria open house, rapidly turned into a national most loved and picked up the moniker. Dirty Den for the most part given the way he treated his significant other Angie, played by Anita Dobson, with one of his numerous undertakings happening at 39 years old when he fathered a tyke with 16-year-old Michelle Fowler, played by Susan Tully.

On Christmas Day 1986, Grantham’s character served his on-screen spouse with legal documents, with the acclaimed line “Upbeat Christmas Ange.” The scene was viewed by a record 30 million watchers – over a significant portion of the British populace. In 1988 the character Den Watts sold his bar to Frank Butcher and continuously floated out of critical storylines until at long last withdrawing in February 1989, although his previous scenes had been recorded the past harvest time. Grantham had reported his expectation of leaving the show ahead of schedule in 1988, around a similar time that it was declared that Anita Dobson would leave the show. Notwithstanding, the show’s supervisors had not had any desire to endure the double blow of losing its two most significant characters so near one another, and set around a severe recording square which would enable Den to stay on the screen into 1989 while empowering Grantham to stay on EastEnders just until the past harvest time.

Cave had turned out to be required with The Firm finished the mid-year of 1988, and his exclusive alternative was to escape the square. After a spell on remand in authority and a dramatic escape from the Police and from individuals from the firm who trapped him on his approach to court, watchers viewed a strange shooter shoot at Watts with a firearm covered up in a bundle of daffodils, before hearing a sprinkle. A shot portraying Den’s passing was cut from the last scene, with the expectation that Grantham may multi-day be convinced to come back to the part. The next year, a body accepted to be Den Watts was found in the trench.

Leslie Grantham Other work

From 1989 to 1990 he assumed the part of Danny Kane in the wrongdoing TV show The Paradise Club close by Don Henderson. He went ahead to show up in TV arrangement, for example, Cluedo as Colonel Mustard, The Detectives (1993) and 99-1 (1994– 95). In 1994 he described volume one of Frank Harris’ suggestive exemplary My Life and Loves. In 1997 he delivered and featured in the science fiction smaller than usual arrangement The Uninvited.

He at that point turned into the co-host of the amusement demonstrate Fort Boyard close by Melinda Messenger which he displayed from 1998 to 2001. Additionally, in 2001, he showed up in Lily Savage’s Blankety Blank. He likewise rejoined with his EastEnders co-star Anita Dobson in an irregular TV film entitled The Stretch which circulated on ITV in 2000 and a 2004 British criminal film titled Charlie.

Leslie Grantham Come back to EastEnders

On 3 May 2003, it was affirmed that Grantham would come back to EastEnders soon after that to repeat his part as Dirty Den. On 29 September 2003, his arrival to EastEnders was circulated. Lair Watts, who had last showed up 14 years sooner, touched base at the dance club currently claimed by his embraced little girl Sharon. The arrival of the character saw Grantham being given a detailed £500,000-a-year contract.

It was uncovered that Watts had survived the shooting and fled to Spain with the assistance of previous courtesan Jan Hammond, while the body found multi-year later in the trench had been wrongly distinguished. More than 17 million individuals watched a standout amongst the most foreseen TV occasions of the year on Monday 29 September as Den talked the well-known words, “Hi, princess”.

There had been many hypotheses in the media after Den’s takeoff concerning whether the character indeed was dead. BBC supervisors said that Den’s arrival had been on the plan relatively consistently since the character’s takeoff in 1989, and the primary offer for him to return had been made as long prior as 1991. Grantham had turned down each offer to return until the point when the one made to him in mid 2003, feeling that his character did not have sufficient connects to the show for a rebound to be much else besides an endeavor to help evaluations – especially when Den’s little girl Sharon was from the show from 1995 to 2001, leaving Den with no family in the cast. By 2003, be that as it may, his girl Vicki had rejoined the thrown and a formerly obscure child called Dennis Rickman, played by Nigel Harman, was additionally in the arrangement – the result of an issue amongst Den and a young lady named Paula Rickman, 30 years sooner.

In December 2004, Dirty Den orchestrated a trick to get back the Queen Vic bar from Sam Mitchell, 16 years after he had sold it to Frank Butcher.

Leslie Grantham Net Worth

Upon returning to EastEnders, the contract saw Grantham receive  £500,000 per year. His earnings are mainly from his acting roles and other investments. The total value of his assets is not in the public domain.

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