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Sam Cooper ex-wife Lily Allen admits to Cheating on him with Female Escorts before their divorce

Sam Cooper Biography


Sam Cooper Bio

Sam Cooper was born in 1978 and he is currently 48 years old as of 2018. He is a Managing Director of Bonchurch  Building Contractors Limited, a Company that he founded in early 2000. Sam Cooper is renown for being the ex-husband of Lily Allen.

Born 1978
Age 48 years as of 2018
Nationality British
Occupation Painter and decorator
 Ex Wife Lily Allen
Children The couple share two children, Ethel Cooper,7, and Marnie Rose Cooper , 5 (as of 2018)
 Net Worth $ 10 Million as of 2018 est.

Sam Cooper and Ex-Wife Lily Allen

Sam Cooper is one of the guys who like to keep off from public limelight, but his marriage to Lily Allen, a Singer-songwriter, did just the opposite. Mr Cooper and Lily Allen first came on the tabloid radar in the summer of 2009 when he began stepping out with Miss Allen, aged 25 at that time. The couple first met at Glastonbury in 2009 and got engaged the following year after Miss Allen suffered a stillbirth with their first child.

Lily Allen and ex-husband Sam Cooper

Lily Allen and Sam Cooper married on Saturday 11th June 2011, at the village church in Cranham, Gloucestershire, close to their Cotswolds home.

Sam Cooper and Lily Allen Wedding
Sam Cooper and Lily Allen Wedding

Sam Cooper and Lily Allen Divorce

Lily confirmed her split from Sam Cooper in 2016 following more than a year of speculation, and five years of marriage.The divorce proceded an year later amicably.

In an interview on June 2018, She said: ‘Me and my ex-husband share custody, a week on and a week off, which is useful for me work, when he’s got them, I can do that.’

While Lily and Sam aren’t together any more, she admitted they are still ‘really friendly’.

Sam Cooper Children

Sam Cooper has two children with her former spouse, Lilly Allen,

  • Marnie Rose Cooper aged 5 as of 2018
  • Ethel Cooper aged 7 as of 2018
Lily Allen and daughter -Lattitude Festival
Lily Allen and daughter -Lattitude Festival

Lily Allen Cheated on Her Husband with Female Escorts amid heavy drinking

Lily Allen cheated on husband Sam Cooper before their split in 2015, she’s admitted in a an interview.

The singer was going through an identity crisis after having a stillbirth then her two daughters in quick succession, and said she felt “betrayed” when her record label “made her” sing on the 2013 John Lewis advert, The Bear And The Hare.


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