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Marinova was strangled on 6th October 2018 in the northern town of Ruse on the Danube river

Viktoria Marinova Bio

Viktoria Marinova was born on 7th September 1988 and died on 6th October 2018. She was a Bulgarian investigative journalist known for her TV Show Detector. Marinova had reported on an investigation into corruption of EU funds shortly before she was raped and brutally murdered in the northern town of Ruse on the Danube river, according to Bulgarian authorities.
Viktoria Marinova Age 7th September 1988
Viktoria Marinova Died 6 October 2018 (aged 30) Ruse, Bulgaria
Viktoria Marinova Cause of Death Murder
Nationality Bulgarian
Occupation Journalist

Viktoria Marinova Biography

Marinova was an administrative director of TVN television in Ruse. On 30 September 2018, she launched a new talk show called Detector.

Viktoria Marinova Death and Cause

Marinova was strangled on 6th October 2018 in the northern town of Ruse on the Danube river. She had been raped before her murder. She was the third journalist killed in the EU in less than a year, after Daphne Caruana Galizia from Malta; and Jan Kuciak and his girlfriend from Slovakia.

According to Ruse regional prosecutor Georgry Georgiev “Her death was caused by blows to the head and suffocation, and her mobile phone, car keys, glasses and some of her clothing were missing.”

Marinova was a presenter for a current affairs show called Detector on Ruse-based private television channel TVN, one of the most popular channels in northeastern Bulgaria.

In a segment aired on 30th September 2018, Marinova interviewed two Romanian journalists who were investigating several politicians and businesspeople for alleged corruption of EU funds. Before the TVN interview’s broadcast, the Romanians had been briefly detained by Bulgarian authorities.

According to Interior Minister Mladen Marinov, there is no evidence to suggest that Marinova’s death was motivated by her journalism. “It is about rape and murder,” he said.


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