Top Mistakes Jobseekers Do on Linkedin

Let’s face it; nearly every forward-thinking employer is on LinkedIn nowadays. And with over 94 percent of recruiters now using LinkedIn as their primary tool for finding, vetting, and qualifying new hires, it’s no big surprise the site has become a buzzing professional hub.

No matter how you look at it, every jobseeker should have a LinkedIn profile. After all, recent updates to the platform make getting on recruiters’ radar effortlessly easy. However, if not done right, your LinkedIn profile can do more harm than good to your job hunt.

In this article, we have rounded up common mistakes jobseekers do on LinkedIn. It’s the reasons why you’re not getting jobs through LinkedIn. Avoid each one of them like the plague.

Mistake 1: Not Weeding Out Typos on Your Profile

Here’s one of the worst reasons why you’re not getting jobs through LinkedIn: your profile is riddled with typos. I don’t know how to put this, but typos have no place in your job-hunting process — not in your cover letter, not in your email correspondence, and certainly not in your resume. Your LinkedIn profile is no exception.

Sure, LinkedIn doesn’t have a built-in grammar checker or spell checker, but you need to stay on top of typos. Use Grammarly or browser-based addons to weed out any typos.

Mistake 2: Making Cold-Call Connection Requests

LinkedIn has indeed made connecting with like-minded people and companies possible, but you don’t want to lose sight of how best to create these connections. Even the best of us don’t like out-of-the-blue cold calls. And the same can be said for LinkedIn — you cannot just make a random connection request.

Mistake 3: Having no Profile Picture

This one is a big no-no, and possibly one of the biggest no-brainer mistakes job seekers do on LinkedIn. Leaving a gray silhouette as your profile picture is simply unacceptable. More importantly, a recent survey revealed that recruiters and employers are 14 times likely to view your profile if it features a photo.

Mistake 4: Leaving your Activity Feed On

If your activity feed is on, it might be one of the reasons why you’re not getting jobs through LinkedIn. Certainly, recruiters don’t want to get “Congratulate Jane on her new job” notifications six times a year. More often than not, your activity feed doesn’t paint you in good light.

Mistake 5: Not Putting Much Thought into your Profile Headline

You should put a great deal of thought into the headline of your LinkedIn profile. It’s what sells you, and your chances to make a compelling first impression. Do a bang-up job on — be descriptive yet brief and to the point.


Finding a great job through LinkedIn shouldn’t be hard. Avoiding above common mistakes jobseekers make on LinkedIn is perhaps the first step in the right direction.


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