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Just Married, Laura Prepon and Ben Foster wed

Ben Foster and Laura Prepon are formally a couple. Laura Prepon is best know for her role in  the American Comedy/Drama TV Show, Orange is the New Black, her screen name is Alex Vause.

“Just wedded!” Laura Prepon, currently 38 posted a snap on her Instagram page early on Sunday. “Wishing all of us the good stuff!

In the enchanting photograph, Prepon is seen wearing her white dress and holding a major bundle of blossoms while Foster, currently aged 37, looks spruce in a fedora, vest and dark tie. “Much obliged to you for all the adoration and support,” she included. “Wishing every one of us the well done!”

The couple’s wedding was bound to happen. Their relationship started in the fall of 2016. In October of that year, they influenced their main celebrity street to make a big appearance after much theory hence putting the gossips to bed.

At that point in January 2017, the on-screen characters reported they were expecting their first kid together. In August of the same year, 2017 , the couple, Ben Foster and Prepon, brought forth a beautiful young girl whom they named Ella.

The wedding details were kept private, and only close family friends knew of the wedding.
We wish the couple a happy life as they live and celebrate it.

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