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Cecilia Morel Bio, Biography, Age, Spouse, Children, Social Work and First Lady of Chile

Cecilia Morel Voted Most Influential Woman in Chile from a Survey in 2018


Cecilia Morel Bio, Biography

María Cecilia Morel Montes was born on January 14, 1954, in Santiago, Chile. She is the wife of the President of Chile Sebastián Piñera and First Lady of Chile. She is also the Sociocultural Area Director of the Presidency, for her husband’s presidency (2010-2014)​.
Personal details
Born María Cecilia Morel Montes was born on 14 January 1954 in in Santiago, Chile.
Born 64 years as of 2018
Political party National Renewal (before 2011)
Spouse(s) Sebastián Piñera
Parents Father, Eduardo Morel Chaigneau and Mother, Paulina Montes Brunet
Siblings Sister, Hugo Montes Brunet
Occupation First Lady of Chile, Family counselor and Social Worker

Cecilia Morel Family life

Cecilia is the fourth of seven children born to the family of Eduardo Morel Chaigneau and Paulina Montes Brunet. She is a sister of Hugo Montes Brunet. She attended grade school at the College Jeanne d’Arc de Santiago de Chile, the same school where her mother and grandmother (Consuelo Brunet Bunster) studied.

At the age of 18 in 1972, she began dating Sebastián Piñera, who was her neighbor in the Avenida Américo Vespucio, in the eastern sector of Santiago. They married in December 1974, and the couple later moved to the United States where he studied economics.

Cecilia Morel Children

Cecilia Morel Advanced studies and social work

In 1972, she began to study nursing at the Catholic University of Chile but put her studies on hold when she moved abroad with her husband. She resumed her studies when they returned to Chile, which she continued until the birth of her second daughter, Cecilia.

She then entered the Instituto Profesional Carlos Casanueva, where she graduated with a degree in family and youth counselor. She also holds a degree in family and human relations from the Universidad Mayor.

In 1989, together with professionals from the Instituto Carlos Casanueva (Enrique Cueto), founded what later became “La Casa de la Juventud,” with the task of educating young Conchalí with growth workshops and personal development. After that, the Women Embark Foundation was derived from this project.

 Cecilia Morel First Lady

As First Lady, Cecilia Morel has been appointed chair of a number of Chilean organisations.

  • Integra Foundation pre-school education network
  • PRODEMU, The Foundation for the Advancement of Women
  • Youth and Children Orchestras
  • Mirador Interactive Museum
  • Handicrafts of Chile
  • Family Foundation.

Cecilia Morel Voted Most Influential Woman in Chile from a Survey

Cecilia Morel, turned out to be the most influencial woman in Chile in a Survey conducted by Influyentes Del Gobierno on 25 July 2018. This brought in a debate on Social media on the credibility of the survey, one use stated, “Cecilia Morel influential? May be, if you gave the idea to the brother to all Chileans with the collusion of comfort (Jorge Morel) ”



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