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Sabrina Meng (Meng Wanzhou) Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Education, Huawei, Arrest

1st Dec 2018, Sabrina Meng arrested while transferring planes at Vancouver International Airport, by Canadian authorities at the request of the United States

Sabrina Meng Wiki

Sabrina Meng Bio

Sabrina Meng (Meng Wanzhou) was born in 1972. She is a Chinese business executive. Sabrina Meng is the Deputy Chairwoman of the Board and chief financial officer (CFO) of the Chinese telecom giant Huawei, which was founded by her father, Ren Zhengfei.
Sabrina Meng Native name
Sabrina Meng  Age 1972 (age 46) China
Sabrina Meng Residence Shenzhen Guangdong China
Other names Sabrina Meng
Sabrina Meng  Education Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Occupation Business executive
Years active 1993-present
Title Deputy chair and CFO, Huawei
Sabrina Meng Parent(s) Ren Zhengfei
Sabrina Meng Net Worth She has an estimated Net Worth of $ 30.2 Million as of 2018

Sabrina Meng Education and Career at Huawei

Sabrina Meng parents were Ren Zhengfei (father) and Wanzhou (mother). She adopted her mother’s surname as a teenager. She dropped out of high school to work for a bank, and a year later joined Huawei, then a small startup founded by her father, in 1993 as a secretary. Sabrina Meng later returned to school and earned a master’s degree from the Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

She held positions including head of international accounting, CFO of Huawei Hong Kong, and head of auditing. She currently serves as deputy chairwoman and CFO of Huawei, China’s largest private company with 180,000 employees as of December 2018.

Forbes ranked Meng at No. 8 in its list of Outstanding Businesswomen of China, while Huawei chairwoman Sun Yafang was ranked second in 2017

Sabrina Meng Arrest

On 1st December 2018, while transferring planes at Vancouver International Airport, Meng was arrested by Canadian authorities at the request of the United States. The charges against her were not immediately made public, but the US Justice Department has been investigating Huawei for violating US sanctions against Iran. She faces extradition to the US. The Chinese embassy in Canada issued a statement strongly condemning her arrest, calling it a violation of Sabrina Meng’s human rights.

Huawei is a successful brand internationally, however, it has faced difficulties and cybersecurity concerns selling in some markets such as the US. There have been allegations that its equipment may contain backdoors that could enable unauthorised surveillance by the Chinese government and by the People’s Liberation Army (citing, in particular, its founder having previously worked for the Army). While the company has argued that its products posed “no greater cybersecurity risk” than those of any other vendors, Huawei stated in April 2018 that it would largely pull out of the U.S. market, due to the scrutiny having impacted its activity. In August 2018, U.S. federal government entities were banned from purchasing Huawei or ZTE equipment.



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