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9th October 2018, Google celebrates the works of painter Lucy Tajeda on what would have been her 98th Birthday

Lucy Tejada Biography

Lucy Tejada Bio

Lucy Tejada Saenz was born on 9th October 1920 in Pereira, Colombia and died on 2nd November 2011 Cali, Colombia aged 91). She was a Colombian contemporary painter.
Lucy Tejada Birthday She was born on 9th October 1920 in Pereira, Colombia
Lucy Tejada Died She died on 2nd November 2011 (aged 91)
Cali, Colombia
Lucy Tejada Nationality Colombian
Lucy Tejada Education Javeriana University, School of Graphic Arts of Madrid, Spain
Lucy Tejada Known for Painting
Lucy Tejada Husband Antonio Valencia
Lucy Tejada Google On 9th October 2018, Google celebrated the works of painter Lucy Tajeda on what would have been her 98th Birthday.

Lucy Tejada Early Life and Education

Lucy Tejada Saenz was born in Pereira, Colombia on 9th October 1920 and died in Cali, Colombia on 2nd November 2011. She came from a family of artists (her brother, Hernando Tejada, was the painter). She lived in Cali from 1936. After the death of her mother, Lucy moved to Bogota to study at the Javeriana University and graduated from the School of Fine arts. While studying at the university, she met the also painter Antonio Valencia, that later would be her husband.

Lucy finished her training in the Saint Academy Fernando and the School of Graphic Arts of Madrid, Spain. After a trip to the Guajira, in the year 1947, she had her first exhibition. In the 1950s, she traveled for five years in Europe staying in Madrid, Paris, and Bucharest, where she discovered the big museums.

Lucy Tejada Work

  • She has artworks in the Club Rialto of Pereira, the solon museum of Cali and the Library Luís Ángel Arango, of Bogota. Her characters, imaginary beings of black and deep eyes live in her paintings, that resemble his world; a beautiful ideal world, inhabited only by women and boys. The artistic legacy is a trip by a world knitted of dreams, evocations and original proposals.
  • Lucy Tejada exhibited her works in America and Europe, receiving several prizes by his work in different national contests without scholarships neither the support of the state, always lived off the sale of her works and felt proud of this, is the future of all the artists of this country. Lucy Tejada, in the company of her family and close friends, constituted the Lucy Tejada Foundation, with the aim to conserve and spread her work and one of Hernando, her brother, memories of Cali that creates and builds possible worlds each day.
  • From the decade of the 1950s, her work had a significant international presence, when she participated of the biennial in Venecia, São Paulo, Mexico, Córdoba-Argentina, Medellín, San Juan-Puerto Rico, and The Habana-Cuba.

Lucy Tejada Death and cause

Lucy Tajeda died on 2nd November 2011 after two weeks in the unit of intensive cares of the clinic of Occident of Cali. She was survived by her children Claudia and the also artist Alejandro Valencia Tejada.

According to her son, sculptor Alejandro Valencia, “she had many complications, her heart was weakened and she lost that battle.” In the end, it was Tejada’s decision not to go on life support.

After Tejada’s death, and fulfilling her will, the family delivered to the city of Pereira a very valuable collection of 163 pieces of her work. The works of curation, study and preservation of such collection in preparation to a permanent public exhibition in a future.

Lucy Tejada Google Doodle

On 9th October 2018, Google celebrated the works of painter Lucy Tajeda on what would have been her 98th Birthday.

Lucy Tejada Google Doodle
Lucy Tejada Google Doodle

Feliz Cumpleaños, Lucy Tejada!

Lucy Tejada Awards

  • Alejandro Obregón called her “painter of the tenderness”. Lucy Tejada exposed many times his works in America and Europe, received several prizes, among others the Medal of the Cultural Merit in recognition to his contributions to the Colombian art during more than 50 years, and always lived of the sale of his works.
  • National prize of Painting (1957)
  • Prize of Acquisition (1962)
  • First place of the Tenth Festival of Art (1970)
  • In the year 2008, the Ministry of culture of Colombia conceded him the Prize Life and Work, by his contributions and his long path in the painting.

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