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Eugenie Brazier Google Doodle, Biography, Children and Cause of Death (1895-1977)

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Eugénie Brazier, known as “la mère Brazier” was a celebrated French chef, the first lady to acquire three Michelin stars, transforming Lyon into France’s capital of gastronomy.

Eugenie Brazier was Born on 12 June 1895, La Tranclière, France

Eugenie Brazier Died  on 2 March 1977 aged 81 year in Sainte-Foy-lès-Lyon, France

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Eugenie Brazier Children

 Gaston Brazier

Portrayed as a “the mother of French cooking” and hailed for her fresh, unique cuisine, Eugenie Brazier would have been celebrating her birthday today, on June 12.

In her respect, Google is changing its logo in 11 nations to a doodle, or delineation, of her with a steam-obfuscated Doodle.

Eugenie Brazier at an early age

  • Euginie was born in the Burgundian town of Bourg-en-Bresse in 1895 on a homestead close Lyon, Brazier turned into an orphan at age ten.
  • Raised by pesants, Brazier started working in the fields at a remarkably youthful age.
  • She went to class sporadically, however, would characterize herself as somebody “prepared for anything that may provoke” her.
  • At 19 years old, she exited for Lyons and landed a position as a local before going to work in an eatery. She began working for La Mere Fillioux, the praised commonplace culinary expert who utilized just ladies.
  • At age 26, the cook opened the first eatery of her own, roused by Mere Fillioux’s  menu.The eatery turned into a culinary goal, drawing in French Presidents and Prime Ministers and also superstars.
  • In 1928, she opened Le Col de la Luere, and her accentuation in effortlessness drove Michelin Guides, the most seasoned European inn and eatery reference control, to give her eateries the pined for three-star positioning as right on time as 1935. This was the first run through a lady would be perceived with the most stars all the while.
  • In 1968, be that as it may, Michelin downgraded her Le Col de la Luere eatery to two stars, and Brazier resigned four years after the fact.

Eugenie Brazier Cause of Death

She died aged 81 years old in Sainte-Foy-lès-Lyon France. The cause of her death could be attributed to her advanced years.

I have always been mindful of who I am,

Eugenie Brazier


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