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Anxiety refers to general disorders that make one nervous, worried, apprehensive or afraid. When this condition becomes a mental issue to the victim, then it is seen as an anxiety disorder. Pressure points are different points in our bodies that when pressed they help relieve a condition of pain or anxiety.

Anxiety affects our feelings and behaviour and can result in physical symptoms hence an impact on our day-to-day lives. The severity of anxiety sometimes makes one think that they are suffering from a heart attack. The best knowledge on anxiety will help you deal with it as fast as possible without the need to visit a hospital.

Anxiety signs and symptoms

With the strike of anxiety, possible signs will include

• Physical
Possible physical signs and symptoms of anxiety include quick breathing, cold and hot flushes, feeling tense, panic attacks, racing heart, tightening chest, edgy and wound up.

• Behavioral
The most common behavioral sign and symptom of anxiety is the need to avoid situations and places that make you anxious and affect your life, i.e., work, study and social life.

• Psychological
Worry, excessive fear, and obsessive thinking are great psychological symptoms of anxiety.

Dealing with anxiety

Anxiety is not as dangerous as a heart attack. It is crucial that you get the difference between the two. Anxiousness will affect your mental functioning, unlike a heart attack that affects the heart and may be fatal.
Anxiety can easily be treated at home only with the use of the right skills. Working on different pressure points on our bodies relives anxiety in a fast and relaxed manner. In this case, visiting the hospital will just be added precaution.

Various Pressure points that can Help  deal with anxiety

There are different pressure points in our bodies that can help free us from anxiety. Pressure points are sometimes called acupressure points. Each one of them has its way of dealing with anxiety. Go for the one that suits you best.

• Points at the back of the neck
These are points situated below the base of the skull at your neck’s backside. Applying firm pressure on these points will help reduce insomnia, stress, and anxiety.
Daily pressure on these points will relieve you of excessive exhaustion, eyestrain, sore throat, stiff neck as well as stress.
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• Points on the shoulders
Applying pressure on these points will help you relieve nerves tension. The location of these points is at the back side of our shoulders, between them your necks foundation and shoulders themselves.
Ensure that you are working on the right points as displayed in the image below. Consistent practice of this therapy will keep you off the tension of all nerves that have a connection to those spots.
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• Third eyepoint
This point is the area between your eyebrows. Gently rubbing this point will help relieve nervousness. The picture below shows the exact spot you should press. Once you dedicate this exercise on a daily basis, then you can be sure that nervousness will never get the better part of you.
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Acupressure points for self-treatment

• The point at the centre of the chest
This point’s location is in the middle of the chest bones. Applying pressure on it helps solve emotional imbalances including distress, nervousness or depression. The image below shows the exact point which is at the breast bone’s centre and on the bone’s base upper side.

• Point inside the elbow
This is the central point of the elbow’s inner side. Anxiety relieve is more effective when both arms are included. If you have to work on these points, make sure it is on both hands to ensure that you get to all uneasy parts in your body from the two sides. Daily pressure on these points will help you solve arm pains, uneasy stomach, chest distress and anxiety generally.
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• Hand valley point
This is the central point between the thumb and the index finger. It can also be called the webbing of the hand, between the thumb and the index finger. Gentle pressure on this spot will help you relieve muscle nervousness and other muscle related crisis.
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• Wrist point
This is the point at the fold of the wrist. It works very well in healing emotional stress, tension and fear when pressure is applied to it every day. It can also be used to relieve wrist pain. Apply pressure using your thumb for about 2 minutes. For the best results, do this every day.
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• Forearm point
The position of the forearm point is one-two centimeters in width, from the wrist fold. The acupressure point here is where your third finger will touch in the middle of your wrist’s width. The picture below shows you how to find the point on your arm. Gentle pressure on this point helps relieve, tremor and anxiety. Additionally, it is a wrist pain reliever.
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• Back of the feet point
This point is almost to the center of the back of your feet. Sit in a comfortable to allow you cross your legs. Once your leg rests on the knee of the other, move your thumb from the space between the second and third toe downwards about two to three finger spaces. There you will feel your point. Use considerate pressure to press this area for both feet. This will give you a calming effect. It will also help relax your body.
Working on this point every night can also lead to a very good night sleep.
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• The point at the space between toes
Two finger spaces from the first toe and the second toe’s joint are where this point is situated. Apply the right amount of pressure on it for about three minutes for both feet. This point is responsible for energy rushes. Proper pressure on it will immediately soothe your senses to make you relax, less nervous and calm. The spot is easy to reach and pressed by oneself comfortably. Take advantage of your free time and play with this part the right way.
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• The point on the lung first meridians
The shoulder muscles have two points on them. They fall from the neck base to the shoulder-arm part. It is easy to reach this point with for spaces between the fingers downwards from the collarbone. Simultaneous pressure on both points for two minutes will help you relieve tension and neck stiffness. (Acupressure Points, 2017)
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• Ears
There is no exact acupressure point on the ears, but they can play a very good role to relieve anxiety. Nerves found in the ears connect directly to the brain. Use your forefinger and thumb to massage both ears gently. You can even pull your lobes gently and rub the ears inner surface. The message should take about 3 minutes. Relaxing and stroking the ears give you a soothing feeling and calm your entire body. (Fine Balance Acupuncture, 2011)
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General Overview

The above pressure points are not the only way to solve anxiety. Bringing yourself confidence and inner harmony can help you reduce stress, lose fear and stay away from mental pressure when working out things. If you stay away from things that make you anxious, then you will remain at peace with yourself. Also, do not take everything with much seriousness that they deserve. Staying confident in your daily activities will give you peace. Confidence will keep you away from unnecessary worrying. For instance, if you are doing an exam and have read enough, get into the test room confident that you will do well. If you are worried that you may fail, then your peace will be altered, and it may eventually happen because you won’t be thinking straight. Consistent practice on these points will help you learn to cope with anxiety. Most importantly apply enough pressure on the right spot for your condition, and breathe properly all through the therapy.

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