Reiki Energy Healing Bracelet Components, Features, Advantages and Disadvantages

Reiki Energy Healing Bracelet is a hand accessory which is made of natural gemstones which have a life meaningful of attuning to the human’s body seven energy centers. It is made of gemstones which have therapeutic use in one’s life.

Since time immemorial, energy healers have always used unique stones to heal one’s mind by keeping the brain calm, reduce stress as well as improve health and vitality.

The stones are formed in bracelet form to symbolize the tree of life, the round shape of the bracelet is a concept which expressed the cycle of life. Some of the ancient cultures which mostly believed in this concept include ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia as well as the modern-day Buddhists and Kabbalists

Reiki Energy Bracelet components

The spiritual lava stones have been used to strengthen the root chakra, It has a strong connection to the earth, and it has a meaningful creation within the center of Earth.

One of the components is black lava which cleanser purifies smog created within the aura. Stones come in various sizes including lava beads, red agate, dyed magnesite, lazurite, amethysts, tiger eye, green king stone, imitation and imitation amber

Another element is the ancient Sankara “om” symbol which rests between two chankra rocks. The logo represents the encompassing vibration of the Universe. The seven colored beads correlate well with the colors of the human body’s seven chakras.

Features of Rieki High Energy Bracelet

  • It has an adjustable bracelet which can fit most wrist sizes ranging from the standard size of 7.25 inches to 9 inches.
  • It is specially designed with a woven thread which is useful for diffusing oils.
  • It is elastic which can be adjustable to any sizes.
  • Each bracelet piece is uniquely made and polished by the masters who make it match a wide range of customer’spreference.
  • Each Chakra is associated with a specific part of the body, personality, and machine.
  • The Lapis Lazuli is a crystal for boosting self-awareness, self-expression as well as unveil an inner truth in someone

Amethysts are a stone meant to protect and is also known as Stone of Spirit; it has a strong healing and cleansing powers as it enhances spiritual awareness. It enhances and psychic abilities and the ability to relate to external vibrations and energies.

For people who have nightmares, the amethysts in the bracelet can reduce the nightmares at night. The amethysts are also powerful to interpret dreams and to inspire human beings to do good and make accomplishments.

Jasper is the stone of empowerment as it gives one to partake new paths, learn how to deal with conflicts and approach difficult problems with creative solutions. These stones connect to the earth and when places to the body, it stabilizes and energizes one’s body.

The tiger’s eyes is a stone whose purpose is to release fears, get rid of anxiety and unlock unknow potential talents. It serves as a spiritual compass that guides one towards the light. By wearing the stone, one’s focus and creativity are enhanced. The bracelet will enhance one’s confidence and optimism

It’s an ancient stone which is known for providing peace and solace for the spirit and soul of someone. The talisman of kings and warriors traditionally used the stone. It acts as a balance between the center of the body and the energy fields.The unique stone also helps to get rid of feelings of tiredness, fear as well as depression.

Advantages Rieki Energy Bracelet

  • It is checked one by one, therefore, ensuring that the bracelets a good quality.
  • The rocks have a meaningful purpose which channeled together makes an efficient bracelet with spiritual meaning.
  • It is a good reminder of how humans are connected to the universe thus creating a divine feeling.
  • The bracelet is an efficient means of removing negative energy and boosting positivity and love.
  • It is lightweight and thus can be worn comfortably. The bracelets are made of beautiful gemstones which are appealing and eye-catching.
  • Another benefit is that the customer is assured a 100 percent guarantee when they are delighted with the jewelry.
  • The lava stones are used for stabilizing and grounding since it is a secure connection to the earth.

Disadvantages Reiki Energy Bracelet

  • The bracelets have high demand and can take a longer time to get.
  • Some of the stones are not pleasant and can affect the entire look of the bracelet.

Reiki Energy Healing bracelet which is divine and boosts one’s spiritual growth. The various kind of stones has unique meanings which complement each, making it very beautiful. The delivery of the bracelet is quick and can be ordered from multiple parts of the country.



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