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Myrtle Allen Bio, Biography, Husband, Children, Net Worth, Death and Cause (1924-2018)

Myrtle Allen Bio, Biography

Myrtle Allen was born on 13 March 1924 and died on 13 June 2018. She was an Irish Michelin star-winning head chef and co-owner of the eatery The Yeats Room at Ballymaloe House in Shanagarry, County Cork. Other than her profession in cooking, she had likewise been a writer, hotelier, and teacher.

Myrtle Allen Born

Myrtle Allen was born on 13 March 1924
TivoliCork, Ireland

Myrtle Allen Death, Age 

She died 13 June 2018 (aged 94)
Cork, Ireland
Residence ShanagarryCounty Cork
Nationality Irish
Occupation Chef
Employer Self-employed
Known for Michelin starred Ballymaloe House

Myrtle Allen Spouse, Husband

Ivan Allen, Married in 1943, he  died in 1998.

Myrtle Allen Children

Myrtle Allen Children

Yasmin Hyde, Daughter
Fern Allen, Daughter
Tim Allen,Son
Wendy Whelan, Daughter
Rory Allen,Son

Myrtle Allen Cause of Death, Pneumonia


Myrtle Allen, Life and profession as a Chef

In 1943, Myrtle Hill was married to Ivan Allen, a vegetable farmer, who was working at the ranch Kinoith in Shanagarry. In 1947 the couple purchased Ballymaloe House and the encompassing homestead. Ivan managed the fruits and vegetable farm on Konoith, as he was well accustomed to it. His wife, Myrtle dealt with the kids and the manor. Later, in 1958, Ivan Allen inherited Kinoith from Wilson Strangman, the deceased proprietor.

As her husband was an effective farmer of fruit and vegetables, she had a wealth of fresh farm products in her kitchen. Under the direction of her husband, an eager gourmet, she figured out how to cook by taking cooking courses at the School of Commerce and self-studying. By 1962, she was cookery reporter of the Irish Farmers Journal. Initially, the Irish Farmers Journal was a distribution of Macra na Feirme. Myrtle Allen was exceptionally dynamic in this youthful agriculturists’ association, eventually becoming “VP for the Munster Region” of the “National Council” of Macra na Feirme in 1959. A bid for the presidency in 1963 was unsuccessful.

In 1964, she chose to begin an eatery in her dining room area named The Yeats Room. Her rationality of utilizing artisanal ingredients and changing her menu day by day to reflect the best offering of the season was “progressive at the time.”] Later she turned a couple of unused rooms into spaces for a guesthouse, which developed into the rooms for lodging, they later grew to what Ballymaloe is today. By the 1960s she and her sous-chef specialist, Darina O’Connell, began giving courses in cooking. Later Darina, by then wedded to Myrtle’s child Tim Allen, moved the cookery classes to Kinoith under the name of Ballymaloe Cookery School.

In 1986 Myrtle Allen was a piece of establishing Euro-toques International and organizer of Euro-toques Ireland. Euro-toques is an association of expert cooks advancing and ensuring Europe’s culinary legacy, and safeguarding the nature of the neighborhood and precisely cooked food. She filled in as leader of the universal body from 1994 to 1997.

Myrtle Allen’s husband died in 1998.

In 2013 Myrtle Allen was the subject of a documentary, Myrtle Allen: A Life in Food, which broadcast on RTÉ Television.

She has been known as the “renowned matron of Modern Irish cuisine,” “the leading pioneer to modern-day Irish cooking,” and “as important to her nation’s cuisine as Alice Waters was to America’s.”

Myrtle Allen  Death and Cause

Myrtle Allen died on 13 June 2018 at Cork University Hospital in Cork after a short battle with pneumonia.

Darina Allen

Darina Hilda Allen is an Irish chef, food writer, TV personality and founder of Ballymaloe Cookery School. Her mother in law was Myrtle Allen. She has already paid her tribute to the late Myrtle Allen.

Myrtle Allen net worth

The Accumulation of her wealth, including total assets was estimated at around $1.63 Million according to the SOFP of Ballymaloe Cookery.

Messages of Condolence on Twitter

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