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Daisy Osakue Bio, Biography, Age, Nationality, Parents and Racial Attack in Moncalieri, Italy

Daisy Osakue was a victim of Racial Attack on July 29, 2018 in Moncalieri, Italy

Daisy Osakue Bio

Daisy Osakue was born on 16 January 1996 in Turin, Italy to Nigerian parents who emigrated to Italy. She is a professional Disc Thrower and Weight Thrower. She holds the Italian record holder under 23 the discus throw. On July 29, 2018, she was a victim of racial attack after eggs were thrown at her leaving her with a bandage in her left eye and necessitating a surgical operation caused by eggs fragments.

Born 16 January 1996
Age 22 Years as of 2018
Nationality Italian
Parents Her parents are also sports personality and immigrants from Nigeria

Daisy Osakue Biography and Professional Career

Daisy Osakue was born in Turin on 16 January 1996 to Nigerian parents who emigrated to Italy. Raised in a family of sportsmen, as a child is passionate about tennis.

Osakue’s career in the world of athletics was initially faced with obstacle tests, where he managed to obtain a cadet title in 2011. Although mainly obstinate, his talent as a discus thrower and weight thrower was visible from the early years. Excellent results made the young Daisy to focus on these two disciplines.

Osakue is currently under the management of the ex-blue discus Maria Marello, she started getting meaningful results in Turin 2013. She did not represent the country though since she was not considered an Italian. She got Italian citizenship in the winter of 2014, after having turned 18.

On July 16th, 2015, he flew to Eskilstuna for the 2015 European Junior Championships. After putting in a row a 40.96 throw, a high 42.29 final throw putting her in the 19th place.

In January 2017 he moved to Angelo State University, Texas, to continue his studies. Two months later, in a sporting event in Abilene, she represented the Italian under 23, firing the disc to 57.49 meters. The previous record was 55.18 m, achieved in 1978 by Maristella Bano.

In the summer of the same year, he represented for the first time the major national team in the European teams of Lille, where he managed a sixth place and had the opportunity to improve his personal best at 57.64 meters, seventh best performance among the Italian discus history.

On July 13, he went to the Polish city of Bydgoszcz to participate in the Europeans under 23 in 2017. She went to the games with high spirits. In the qualifying throws, the young Turin did not record a single valid measure and was, therefore, eliminated prematurely.

On April 8, 2018, competing in his faculty, the Angelo State University, Texas. She made a record 59.72 m, an Italian record and fourth best performance ever among the Italian discus throwers.

Daisy Osakue Racial Attack

On July 29, 2018, she was a victim of an attack in Moncalieri, Italy where some racists maniacs threw eggs at her from a racing car. The fragments of the shell damaged her cornea leaving necessitating an eye surgery and a bandage. In a video which has been widely circulated she stated;

“They did it on purpose; They didn’t want to hit me, as Daisy, they wanted to hit me as a young woman of color. There are several prostitutes in that area, and they will have mistook me for one of them. I have been the victim of episodes of racism before, but only verbal ones. When you go from words to action, it means another wall has been breached. ”

At first, it was feared the eye injury Osakue suffered could put her participation in the European championships at risk. But the 22-year-old said she should be OK;

“Luckily it’s only an abrasion,” she added, “With a few days rest and some drops I should be all right.”

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