Getting a Tax compliance Certificate in Kenya, Requirements and Application Steps

Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) is one of the crucial documents that may be required while applying for certain job positions and a must have while applying for Government tenders.

For AGPO, Access to Government Procurement Opportunities, tender applicants are required to have a Tax Compliance Certificate in order to apply for the 30 % Government entities tenders reserved for the youth, women and person with disabilities.

In the earlier years, 2014 and before, Tax Compliance Certificate used to be issued at the KRA premises in Times Towers Nairobi and other regional KRA offices.

KRA Tax Compliance Certificate application guidelines

From 2014 to date, things appear to change at Kenya Revenue Authority, as most administrations are being relocated to the iTax online portal. To apply for Tax Compliance Certificate, one need to utilize the iTax framework.

Requirements for Tax Compliance Certificate Application

  • ID Card (ID) for the Applicants

  • KRA PIN for Directors or Partners

All KRA PIN for sole proprietors, partnerships or directors are required to be uploaded on the online iTax framework first before making application for KRA.

  • KRA PIN for Company

You should give KRA PIN to your business in the event that you are applying as a limited liability company.

  • Certificate of Incorporation for Limited Liability Companies or Business Registration Certificate for Sole proprietor and Partnerships

This will help with filling details of interest that will be asked for, for example, date of when the business started

Steps to follow while applying Tax Compliance Certificate;

Step 1: You should register for your Personal PIN to iTax online portal first. If you successfully, you will get an email notification from KRA acknowledging the registration followed by the Pin Number that will help access the iTax portal.

Step 2: Proceed to login to iTax online portlal using credentials received, that is the KRA pin and the System generated Password. For the first time login, you will have to reset the password to proceed to the main iTax page. Note, the applicant of the Tax Compliance certificate should be the director or the Business owner of the business.

Step 3: Once you have signed into your profile, you can choose Tax Compliance choice under the “E-Certificate” area.

Getting a Tax compliance Certificate Kenya, Requirements and Application Steps
Getting a Tax compliance Certificate Kenya, Requirements and Application Steps
Reasons for Application of Tax Compliance Certificate
Reasons for Application of Tax Compliance Certificate

Step 4: You will be required to express the purpose behind application for the Tax Compliance Certificate. In the event that you are applying for Government tender, at that point you should give that reason. Upon filling the reason, you can click the submission button. In the event that fruitful, KRA will email your Tax Compliance Certificate.


Tax Compliance Duration in application: roughly 5 working days (contingent upon the iTax online portal).

How long will my Tax Compliance Certificate be valid upon issuance, the Tax Compliance Certificate is usually valid for a period of 12 months or 1 Year. Upon expiry of one year, you will be required to renew it via the iTax online portal following the steps above.



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