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24 August 2018, #KobiKiharaChallenge

 Kobi Kihara Bio

Kobi Kihara was born on 21 Jaunuary 1982 in Lang’ata, Nairobi. She is a renown Kenyan media personality,a photographer, producer and TV presenter. She previously worked as the producer of NTV’s breakfast show AM Live. Kobi is currently is the United States studying for Fashion and design.
Personal Details
Born 21 January 1982
Age 36 Years old as of 2018
Boyfriend She previously dated Eric Omondi, Current Boyfriend, Unkown
Son She has one son, born in 2008
Siblings She has 4 Siblings, 3 sisters including Rose, Cecilia and one brother
Renown For Her TV career, photography skills, media engagements and her beauty

Kobi Kihara Biography

Kobi Kihara was born on 21 January 1982 in Lang’ata, Nairobi. She is a former employee of A Kenyan TV station, NTV where she worked in the breakfast show AM Live. Kobi is currently in the United States studying for Fashion and design.

Kobis family moved to the US, from Kenya, when she turned 15. She is the youngest of five children, one boy, and four girls. Her parents were in and out of the country all the time, thus, hence their reason for immigrating to Washington DC.

Kobi Kihara Age

She was born on 21 January 1982 and is currently 36 Years old as of 2018.

Kobi Kihara Education

  • 2004: Masters in Film and TV production in Toronto, Canada.
  • She did her undergraduate studies at Newcastle University, UK
  • She is currenltly enrolled in a Private International High School in Washington DC studying fashion

Kobi Kihara Career

Kobi Kihara is a former NTV’s Kenya breakfast show AM Live producer.

She has worked as a News anchor and studio producer at Kiss Radio Africa, her role was to come up with programme ideas for the station.

In 2006, she Founded a production company, Eye production, that produces TV shows and conceptualizes programming for different shows across Africa.

Kobi Kihara’s big break came through her photography when her friend introduced her to the management at the Windsor Golf and Country Club to do photography for their property. Then she later got work with UNDP and from there, jobs just started coming in.

Kobi Kihara Son

Kobi Kihara son born in 2008 is now turning ten years of age as of 2018.

Kobi Kihara son
Kobi Kihara son

Kobi Kihara Siblings

She has 4 Siblings, 3 sisters including Rose, Cecilia and one brother.

Kobi Kihara Sisters
Kobi Kihara and her 3 Sisters

Kobi Kihara Challenge

On Friday, 24 August 2018, #kobikiharachallenge became a trending topic after Kenyans on Twitter morning trolled former NTV host Kobi Kihara after posting a picture of salad on Instagram and captioned it ‘I make badass salad’.


The photo of the salad was apparently first posted on Pinterest by a blog ‘How Sweet Eats’.

In the Salad Instagram post, Kobi even replied to one of her fans who inquired about the recipe, claiming that she found it in her mum’s fridge.

“Sawa honey will do: Recipe: it’s sliced cherry tomatoes, then mixed lettuce, you can find this kind in Zuccini or Chandarana in Nai, sundried tomatoes, bacon (fry till hard then break it up to small pieces), sliced grilled chicken, red onion, add spice of your choosing~I added rosemary, you can’t see it but I added cherry raisins and peanuts then, of course, Avocado baby! The dressing is pear vinaigrette; it’s so good! I found in my mum’s fridge.” Kobi replied.

She was however quick to apolgize in a post posted on Instagram and Facebook.

On 24 August 2018, Kobi Kihara seems to have took the negative publicity to some positivity by posting an Instgram video captioned “Crazy Friday on 5th Avenue, checking on my stores😜”

Some featured #kobikiharachallenge



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