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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Biography, Age and 2018 tour of the Holy Land

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Short Biography
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a Nigerian Christian minister who is the founding president of Believers’ Loveworld Incorporated, also known as Christ Embassy, a Bible-based Christian ministry headquartered in Lagos.

Pastor Chris Oyakilome, the senior pastor at Christ Embassy International, has just winded the 2018 tour to the holy land. This primary objective of the visit is to help Christians globally get to the Holy Land. The trip was welcomed by hundreds of Christ Embassy members and followers who together with the pastor made the journey to Jordan and Israel. On the tour, Christians and Jews were treated to adventure packed days exploring the ancient sites and holy places. Through the trip, the participants were able to retrace the footsteps of Jesus Christ, relive His life in the Holy Land and understand the Bible better.

The primary objective of the trip was to turn the bible stories of Jesus from a good read into practical and real experiences that affect Christians’ lives all over the world.
The trip occurred at the same time the US embassy was relocating from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and the nation was celebrating 70 years of independence. The visitors were warmly welcomed, and Pastor Chris applauded by both Jews and Christians as they emphasized on the importance of the Holy Land and the Israelites to believers in the entire world and the strong ties they enjoy.
When Donald Trump, the president of the United States of America announced the planned move of the embassy to Israel, celebrations were organized which saw Pastor Chris Oyakilome as one of the distinguished guests set to attend the event. His presence was warmly welcomed and recognized by the government officials, clergy and the Jewish community. Everyone who was present was happy to have the globally recognized pastor and televangelist take part in the event. The celebrations were a breakthrough and a historic event for Christians and the Jewish community as the USA government publicly recognized and stood with the Holy Land and Jerusalem as the Holy City.

Although the trip was a busy one for the pastor, he, together with his team of visitors managed to tour Lazarus tomb, Mt. Hertzel, Abu Gosh, Sea of Galilee, Caesarea among other places in the eight days they were in the holy land. Some of the people were even able to visit Jordan and check out the holy sites in the area. Throughout the trip, Pastor Chris did not forget what he naturally, does, preaching the word of God. He did this to the hundreds and thousands he encountered in the various places they visited. This was a memorable moment as the participants and locals watched the pastor talk about and teach people the word of God passionately and tirelessly.

This trip was not just an adventure for the participants as they soaked in the sights and variations but a chance to get closer to Jesus Christ through the Pastor’s ministration. This was more real and easier to embrace as they familiarized themselves with the physical life of Jesus Christ in the Holy Land.

The trip created lifetime memories and a chance for each person to experience new opportunities. It was truly a trip everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime.



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