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'Top Chef' alum Fatima Ali reveals cancer is back: 'I have a year to live.'

Fatima Ali Bio

Fatima Ali was born on 9th April 1989 in New York City, New York, USA. She is an actress, editor and Chef, known for General Hospital (1963), Paranorma There Is Always a Dark Side(2011) and Chopped (2007). Fatima appeared in Season 15 Top Chef cheftestant. She finished seventh on the cooking reality competition and was voted fan favorite.
Fatima Ali Age She was born on 9th April 1989 (29 years old as of 2018)
Fatima Ali Occupation Actress, editor and Chef
Fatima Ali Cancer She was recently diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma which is a bone and soft tissue cancer appearing in her left shoulder
Fatima Ali Education The Culinary Institute of America
Fatima Ali Nationality Pakistani, American

Fatima Ali Education

Fatima Ali parents thought she would pursue an “auspicious” career—possibly in the law like her father—but she knew her own heart.  She found the best cooking school in the world (The Culinary Institute of America) and undertook a bachelor’s degree program set out to prove that she could have a successful career in the field she loved with the support of her family.

In her words, “Historically the professional kitchen has always been a male dominated one,” she said. “A girl from Pakistan in one of those male-dominated kitchens in usually rare.”

Fatima Ali Career

Fatima Ali is the rare female chef in a male-dominated profession. She serves up her Pakistani food with a twist in a Brooklyn food stall, VanPakistan.Fatima has appeared in General Hospital, an American daytime television medical drama which premiered in 1963 and the horror film Paranorma There Is Always a Dark Side (2011). She landed an episode of The Food Network’s TV show Chopped (2007). Ali won the competition after creating culinary masterpieces from ingredients like chicken intestines, cherry cola and egg white powder.

Fatima Ali Top Chef

Fatima Ali appeared on Season 15 of Top Chef whose first episode premiered on 7th December 2017. She emerged as a top contender for the coveted grand prize, having wowed the judges with just about every dish that she’s prepared so far. Ali finished seventh on the cooking reality competition and was voted fan favorite.

Fatima Ali Cancer 

Fatima was diagnosedin 2017 with a rare form of bone cancer called Ewings Sarcoma, shortly after competing on Season 15 of “Top Chef” in Colorado.

She underwent chemotherapy and surgery in January to remove a tumor from her shoulder bone, with “Top Chef” host Padma Lakshmi by her side.

In an emotional essay published to Bon Appetit on Tuesday 9th October 2018, She revealed that doctors determined her diagnosis was untreatable and terminal stating that she had an year to live.

“My oncologist has told me that I have a year to live, with or without the new chemotherapy regimen,” she writes. “I was looking forward to being 30, flirty, and thriving. Guess I have to step it up on the flirting. I have no time to lose.”

Fatima Ali Biography

Fueled by an intrinsic passion for food and cooking, Fatima Ali begged her parents to allow her to attend culinary school. After convincing them of her career choice, she won their approval, along with her mother’s caveat, that if she was going to be a chef, she had to be the best.

At age 18, Fatima left her hometown in Pakistan to pursue her dream of becoming a chef and enrolled in the Culinary Institute of America. After her graduation, she found her home with the Patina Restaurant Group in New York City, filling in  as a Junior Sous Chef at Cafe Centro. After working for eighteen months, she was promoted to  serve as Executive Sous Chef at their new Italian restaurant establishment at Macy’s Stella 34, becoming the youngest chef to hold that title in the company.

She moved on to work as an Executive Sous Chef at La Fonda Del Sol. Currently, Fatima is working on opening her restaurant. She wants to pioneer the movement of eclectic, modern Pakistani cuisine, melding the bold flavors and spices she grew up on, with the contemporary techniques of her training. Her ferocious quest for excellence led her to become the first Pakistani woman to ever win on Chopped. Chef Fatima strives to be a role model to all young women from her country and hopes her determination and successes can serve as proof that any goal is attainable, as long as you push hard for what you believe in and always remember who you are.


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