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Glob Intel has Learned that Miguna Miguna is still stuck in Dubai

Self-proclaimed General of the National Resistance Movement Miguna on Friday expelled online network reports that he was en route to Canada.

Miguna said he is still in Dubai where Kenyan specialists dumped him after coercively re-expelling him.

“I comprehend that somebody is spreading a pernicious gossip that I am gone to Canada. That is false,” he said in an announcement.

“I am at Dubai International Airport sitting tight for the Kenyan Judiciary to authorize their various requests to support me.”

Miguna said it is the ideal opportunity for the Judiciary to exhibit its responsibility regarding its freedom, and adherence to the rule of law and constitutionalism, he said.

Any activities that neglect to manage the individuals who abuse court orders adds up to undermining and subverting the Judiciary, run of law and vote based system.

“The High Court has requested a few rebel state operators to convey a substantial Kenyan international ID to me, encourage my arrival to Kenya, discharge me from illicit detainment and to regard my rights. Each request has been glaringly resisted,” he said.


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