Areas In Your Home that Should Have a Fire Extinguisher at All Times

No one wants to have a small or big house fire without the proper equipment to manage it. That’s why most homeowners take the time to invest in fire extinguishers and other fire safety equipment that will protect them and their homes from a fire. However, the placement of fire extinguishers in your home plays a critical role in determining their usefulness during an emergency. If a fire starts in your kitchen and the nearest extinguisher is on the first floor, the fire could quickly spread by the time you get the equipment. That’s why you need to pay attention to the following areas and ensure that there is a fire extinguisher close by at all times.

The kitchen

Your kitchen is the first place and most important place that should have a fire extinguisher. A significant proportion of house fires start from the kitchen, and if not managed, they can spread quickly and turn catastrophic. So make sure that there is a fire extinguisher in this room that can be easily used to put out an accidental fire. Also, make sure that you get the right kind of extinguisher, preferably a CO2 one or a fire blanket. These are the most effective options for putting out kitchen fires that result from flammable liquids and gases and faulty electrical equipment.

The outdoor grill area

Do you have an outdoor grill where you make juicy meats over the weekend? If so, you certainly need a fire extinguisher nearby for accidental fires. The propane fuel used on most outdoor grills is highly flammable. Even if you use charcoal, the cooking grease and hot coals can be equally dangerous. So keep a CO2 extinguisher nearby, preferably around the patio area where you can rush, pick it up, and put out a fire before it spreads on your property.


Most domestic fires occur at night, and if people are asleep, they can cause catastrophic effects. Some occupants of the home can get stuck in a room if flames are blocking their path. So to avoid this, ensure that there is a fire extinguisher outside or in every bedroom. This way, if there is a fire in a nearby room, one can pick the extinguisher and use it to put out the flames or clear their path as they get out of the house and seek safety.

Other areas also to consider are the Hall-Way/ Corridor and on the entrance to the Sitting room as people coming to assist put off the fire will most likely come in through the Sitting Room area.

To Sum it Up, a fire extinguisher can save your life and valuables, but only if it is correctly placed. Ensure that besides the fireplace and furnace areas, you have an extinguisher near the places named above to handle fire emergencies effectively.

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