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Talal Maddah Bio, Biography, Born, Nationality, Children, Wives, Awards and Honoured by Google Doodle

Google doodle celebrates the iconic Saudi Arabian Musician Talal Maddah on what would have been his 78th Birthday

Talal Maddah Bio

Talal Maddah was born on 5 August 1940 and died on 11 August 2000. He was a Saudi Arabian musician and songwriter. He was named Maddah after his mother’s family. His fans called him “The Earth’s Voice”, and he was also known as “The Golden Throat”. He had a substantial influence over 20th century-Arabian culture.

On 5 August 2018, Google doodle celebrates the iconic Saudi Arabian whose musical talent stretched beyond other Arabs states.

Background information
Birth name Talal bin Abdul-Sheikh bin Ahmed bin Jaafar al-Jabri al-harbi
Also known as The Golden Throat and The Earth’s Voice
Born 5 August 1940 in Hijaz—which means “the barrier.” MeccaSaudi Arabia
Nationality Saudi Arabia
Died 11 August 2000 (aged 60 years old) Abha, Saudi Arabia
Genres Saudi Arabian, Arabic Music
Occupation(s) Singer, composer
Years active 1958–2000
Honoured by Google Doodle On 5 August, Google doodle celebrates the iconic Saudi Arabian whose musical talent stretched beyond other Arabs states on what would have been his 78th Birthday.

Talal Maddah Biography

Talal Maddah started his career emulating Hijazi singers such as Hassan Jawa and Mohammed Ali Sindi at an early age. He participated in many festivals in Saudi Arabia between 1960 and 2000. He also participated in festivals in the Arab states of the Persian Gulf, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya.

Talal Maddah Death and Cause

Maddah collapsed and died suddenly of a heart attack on Al Meftaha theatre in front of his fans shortly after he performed an intro to one of his famous songs. The concert was aired live on Saudi National Television. Later on, the official Saudi news agency made a statement confirming his death and made a tribute to him and his legacy.

Maddah’s funeral was held in the city of Jeddah. He is buried in the holy city of Makkah.

Talal Maddah Awards

Maddah was the first Saudi artist to receive awards outside of Saudi Arabia. He won the Altkarimip Prize from Habib Bourguiba,  the former President of Tunisia, and accolades from the late Muammar Gaddafi, former President of Libya and Hosni Mubarak,  former President of Egypt. In 1984, King Fahd of Saudi Arabia awarded Maddah the Order of Merit of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques for his work.

Talal Maddah Wives

Talal Meddah married 3 times;

  • His first wife, Umm Abdullah, whom she married  in the city of Taif. She bore him 4 children,  3 daughters and a son, the first born being Abdullah.
  • His second wife, Rasha, gave him two daughters
  • And his third wife is the mother of Khalid and gave him one son, Khalid and 3 daughters,

Talal Maddah Children

  • Abdullah Maddah – Son
  • Dina Maddah -Daughter
  • Raafat Maddah – Son
  • Rasha Maddah =Daughter
  • Malak Maddah – Daughter
  • Sara Maddah – Daughter
  • Ekhlas Maddah – Daughter
  • Mohammed Maddah – Son
  • Khaled Maddah – Son
  • Rajaa Maddah – Daughter
  • Nour Maddah – Daughter
  • Ahmed Maddah – Son
  • Nagham Maddah – Daughter

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