Blockchain technology Explained and its Application in Maerskline

What is Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is a new tech that helps to do transactions over the Internet and commonly used in the Bitcoin markets. Since its debut, the technology is in use in some big organization in their trade such as Walmart, Maersk, FedEx and British Airways among others. To understand the purpose of Blockchain Better, visiting Maerskline Company is significant.

Application of Blockchain in Maerskline

Maersk is a shipping company that has tested and implemented the use of the blockchain technology in its daily transaction. The company is the largest in the world in shipping cargo and hence applies the tech to manage its shipment. It can monitor the load data using the innovation. The company is also able to ensure safe communication with the customer without the interference of the third party because of the cryptography feature in blockchain innovation.

Questions you need to understand on Blockchain

  • Who can use blockchain?
  • What is the cost of using the technology?
  • Also, how is it of use to the company?
  • What are the guidelines for using the technology in the company?
  • Lastly, what are the limitations of using the tech if there are any?


Brief understanding of the Questions

The first question seeks to find out what skills are required to operate the program. Understanding cost of every input is significant in business and the second questions look to discover blockchain costs. It’s also crucial in the discussion to know the benefit of the innovation to the company by using the third question. The fourth question is to find out the steps of using the technology for easy application in future transactions. The last aim is to figure out if the tech has any side effects in the company since its Important to know the pros and cons of any product.

Blockchain Overview

The best way to prepare is to be set with the questions and all materials to use in the discussion. Also, I will research other companies using the technology and how they apply it to their trade to be a team player. I will also improve my listening skills and learn influencing skills such as assertiveness.


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