How to Correctly import an iTunes Media Library using an iPhone, iPad, iPod and a Computer

We all know the benefits music can guarantee us when we listen to our favorite songs. The problem many people face concerning their favorite songs is on the source of storage of the videos and audios we listen and having a good music library. An excellent example of a way we can use to store our playlists for future listening is by coming up with a new iTunes playlist. However, an issue now rises when it comes to ways in which we use to import our playlists to our iTunes library. Before you go ahead and introduce your playlist to your iTunes library, there are some basics you need to understand first.

iTunes library is either accessible over your iPhone, your iPad, and even your iPod but first thing first is you need to import your playlist into iTunes library. For you to be able to import your playlist, you first need to have a computer for this.

With a computer at your reach, the next step to make is adding the files you want to import to your iTunes library to the computer. The data you wish to introduce can either be in the form of audio or videos. It’s easy. All you have to do is open an iTunes window tab in the computer and drag your desired files or folders into the iTunes windows. The good thing about adding a folder to your iTunes library is all your files will be imported and stored to the iTunes playlist easily and in an organized manner.

How to Correctly import an iTunes Media Library

What many people do not know about importing playlist to iTunes library is when you add files or folders to your iTunes library, you end up creating a reference to the current location of the imported data. The original files from your computer that you imported to your iTunes library will remain in its current place unless while you are importing the files, copy the data directly to the iTunes media folder.

An Alternative way

Having a problem accessing a computer or importing the files using a computer, there is another alternative that you can use to import your playlist into iTunes library. With the second alternative, you can do this if you have an iPhone with you for this purpose. The problem with using an iPhone to import your playlist to iTunes library is the process tends to be quite slow when you transfer large files or folders. To ease up the process, you can only be able to import your files to iTunes library one by one. However, since we tend to have access to iPhones more than computers, it is safe to say that using an iPhone can be the most convenient way for most individuals.

Importing your files to iTunes library is a right way of ensuring that you secure your playlist of some of your favorite songs from getting lost. As mentioned above, there are two main ways that you can use if you are looking for ways to import your playlist. Each of the two approaches has its advantages and depends with the individual’s preference on the way they find convenient to apply.

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