Understanding the Competitive Edge of an Organization

The competitive edge of an organization on a different level is known as Competitive Market. The range which is competitive ranges from stock, growth, and employee benefits and workers’ salaries. The only thing that makes businesses stay in the market for a longer period and maintain the same level with the competitors is the market competitiveness. For a company to establish a competitive edge, they have to rationalize their competitors and also exceed offers made by the competitors. The company’s financial resources are where the rationale comes from, and the company needs to find alternatives if they lack financial resources.

Every worker needs will not be the same and will seek for many different alternatives when looking for a career or a job. Employees have different hierarchies hence workers will look at which company their needs, for example, salaries will be fulfilled. Some workers need more benefits than salaries, and other employees need more salaries than benefits.

Market competitiveness to company’s payment method

When an organization has competition within similar level and market, the situation is known as Market competitiveness. The aspects which need to compete openly and willingly are organizations and markets. When a company is involved in market competitiveness, it gives them an advantage over the other.

Different workers have a different aspect and different need within a business organization. An organization in a market which is competitive has to develop a salary. This is rational and has to use the resources they have to appeal to the workers as well as the potential candidates the different positions. Also, many aspects help in considering as well as developing the market concept in market competitiveness. This usually affects the system of payment, salaries which are competitive, lack financial resources and different approaches.

The organization first needs to research its competition to evaluate their actions and come up with a plan which needs to be better than their competitors. In a market where there is competition, the company needs to have an understanding of why and how their competitors do certain things which are better than them. For example, salaries which are competitive, a working facility which is good, training which is competitive, offer company’s growth and a better working condition.

Approaches for Companies

With regards to the point where an organization cannot pay aggressive-base pay compensation, they need to stress their workers to seek work somewhere else. This implies that they could experience difficulty attracting potential quality labor later on. There are approaches to deal with, a circumstance like restricted workers payment. To begin with is to open up to the workers about the current money related circumstance of the organization. This will give them a superior thought of what is going on than the talk process. It can resolve the uneasiness among representatives about their employment. The second step is to have administration talk about the undertaken arrangements of the organization concerning the present status of funds. This will influence the worker to feel as though they are being kept on the up and up to about the circumstance. The third issue is to take the officially accessible advantages that do not cost the organization any cash and upgrade them. That way the worker feels they are essential.

Steps to minimize the impact implementing these alternative approaches could have on the firm’s success.

The first step, in this case, is a “system thinking” which takes the position that associations are dynamic frameworks whose parts affect and are affected by both outside and interior impacts. Taking a “Frameworks Thinking” point of view is an applied structure that has been produced by various scholarly people and professionals to help comprehend that associations are comprised of exceedingly related procedures that are likewise affected by nature. This implies that small mediation will have unexpected impacts on different parts of the organization. This implies that there will be circumstances that require devices, strategies, and procedures that are more gathering issues instead of individual-centered. For example, there is a gathering issue process that has the effect of enhancing members’ attention to different parts of the association and how the parts impact each other. This would not occur if an individual intercession happens.

Additionally, the shared characteristic of dialect, mental model and approach are ensured by guaranteeing that staff, administration and pioneers work in an incorporated and cooperative mold. This additionally guarantees a comprehension of the complexities of driving and taking an interest in a vast framework change exertion and contributes essentially to the arrival of speculation. In any case, all together for an association to experience benefits, it is vital that it be set up to dedicate on-going vitality and assets to looking after advancements. Also, it is expected to change itself by applying concepts that are relevant to the organization and focused on achieving its objectives. This means that it should proceed with the improvement of the change operators. This methodology includes an arrangement in the affected workforce and encourages solid organizations among those assuming liability for any Information Technology activity. This procedure is intended to support implanted authoritative convictions, qualities, and demeanors at each level of the organization to help the usage of the business change activities.

The second step is the participative leadership which is known as to an arrangement of authoritative esteems and administration practices that can help workers ending up more dedicated to their association and its objectives, and developing better work administration connections. It also helps to eliminate the gap between the management and the staffs which may adversely affect the overall organizational performance.

The third one issue is the empowerment which is characterized as far as building up the authoritative conditions that help to enhance staff association in change activities, a delegation of duties to employees so that they can become more responsible.  Also, it involves the sharing of energy as suitable for the conditions. The uses of strengthening in most associations have experienced an absence of definitional thoroughness, and this has brought about various experts characterizing it unexpectedly.

Additionally, it is also essential to realize that when employees are given more responsibilities, they tend to become more loyal to an organization. This is because they understand the value that the organization sees in them


In conclusion, Market Competitiveness is the edge of a company or business organization over another company. When a company has competition in the same level or category, the situation is known as Market competitiveness. The market competitiveness concept, when related to a company’s system of payment, is developed by external and internal factors within that organization. Salaries which are competitive are perfect ways of seeking or scouting for workers. The approaches which are also other alternatives are also other compensational ways for positions or jobs which can be determined.


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