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4 Simple Guides To A Happy Marriage

Have you ever wondered if you made the right choice by marrying your spouse? Things falling apart by the day, you suddenly find marriage boring, no more goosebumps, quarrels and misunderstanding starts or ends your day. Most unions begin at a higher note but as per the saying ‘familiarity brings contempt’ love fades away with time due to reasons like:

  • Routine practices
  • Finances
  • Poor / Lack of communication
  • Trust issues

You may still love each other probably that’s why you still holding on, if not for the kid’s sake. You can rekindle and replenish that marriage by keeping the spark ablaze. Sounds like a fallacy but YES. You once loved each other and couldn’t bear live apart, the reason why marriage came in handy.

Remember the old golden days? Courtship? That moment you said I do? Honeymoon? It should be your reference point whenever your gold gets rusty. Walk with me and learn how to keep that smile going and spice up your marriage.

Make the conversation frequent

Talk about everything and anything. Silence should never constitute ingredients of a happy home. Ask questions if need be. Make your partner talk more often. Ask her opinion on different topics, incidents and so forth. Conversing kills loneliness and silence and brings life in a house.

Enjoy a get-away

It can be a weekend out, alternatively a holiday. Sounds great, right? Break the monotony of always being home, take a break to refresh your mind in a new environment, meet new people, eat different foods and talk about new and fun stuff. It’s a promise that this will brighten up the seemingly dull routines around your home, once you get back, it will feel like a new start!

Find a friend in your spouse

Before he/she is titled your partner in marriage, you need to find a friend in each other. Approach each other in case of new developments in your life, personal, work issues, family even friends. Share those factors that directly or indirectly impact on your relationship. It will enable both of you to deal with external and internal problems/pressure with ease.

Learn to trust each other. Trust is a base to a working relationship. Don’t keep secrets from each other. Nothing is new under the sun; it will reveal with time and cost you immensely.

Open up with your finances and live within your means

Money has paralyzed marriages due to secret accounts, lopsided transactions, planning of the budget or poor priorities when spending.

Such a scenario puts pressure on families and may lead to loans or permanent downfall which you may never recover. Open up with finances, table your cash, plan on spending starting with priorities, not wishes. In case of extra cash, save a little and’ spoil’ yourself with what’s left.

In conclusion, With these few nuggets of a happy marriage, you will realize a good percentage of your union improving each day. Fewer worries, relax more and be satisfied. Time to turn that house into a home!


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