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BeANKH (Blockchain Artificial Intelligence) makes Immortality a digital reality

For many years the human species has desired for immortality and humans have never stopped to look for a way to defeat death. Physically beating death is not possible but with the help of artificial intelligence algorithm that copies and preserves human decision making patterns, attitudes, psychology after death immortality is now be achieved.

BeANKH is a blockchain platform that uses the power of artificial intelligence algorithms and smart contracts a person’s digital analog by copying unique thinking patterns, psychology, and attitudes to come up with the future behavior of the analog that will continue to function even after a person dies physically. The initial idea conceptualized in 2015 with a platform uses BeANKH tokens that are available for purchase by supporters of the platform and crypto community members. They are utility tokens that are used to make in-app purchases in a BeANKH environment. The blockchain platform preferred because it’s cheap and very secure in preserving sensitive data. Before allowing the creation of a digital person, BeANKH will provide a way to identify the faces to avoid future fraudulent activities. Each user will undergo a complete authentication using the block system technology.

In the initial stages, the BeANKH token is the only currency that is used to make purchases on the platform while using fiat payment option for clients at the time of crowd sale or during crypto exchanges. It also has other paid services that can be used for digital personality outside its environment and during communication with third parties. The token is the best way to pay for services because if fiat option is used and third parties are involved extra fees will be charged making it expensive. The tokens are normally distributed during the initial coin offering (ICO) campaign, and one can get discounts by pledging a predefined amount of Ethers (ETH). There is an ICO contract that outlines the start and finish date of the token sale as well as its rules and regulations.

The tokens are exclusively available on BeANKH official portal; one has to follow specific terms and conditions to receive the tokens. The exchange of wallets is not allowed among contributors and to participate in the sale one must adhere to the following checklist:

• The ICO contracts addresses have to be provided before the ICO
• You have to outline the amount of Ether to Offer
• Start and finish time of ICO
• You have to have Ethereum wallet for accepting the tokens.

The general benefits of the BeANKH solution are that it works for a lifetime, the ability to use blockchain for preserving data over a long time in a secure environment and it ensures that immortality is a reality by having a digital you with digital functionalities. The benefits of BeANKH token are that they are available in a fixed amount of token, it has an increasing demand due to the increasing awareness, and the holders of the token can use the tokens earlier than all the others.


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