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Eustress vs Distress Explained and their differences

Stress is body’s response to demand and threats whether imagined or real. There are two types of stress determined by the effect on the individual’s life which include distress and eustress. From this post, I will elaborateon the difference between eustress and distress and some reasons as to why some people enjoy boredom while others do not.

Distress is either long term or short term and is accompanied by a feeling of helplessness and compression. Situations that contribute to chronic stress include high demands at work, loss of a family member or a friend. Moreover, overwhelming stress affects reproductive, immune, digestive and excretory systems initiating diseases such as memory loss, heart diseases, trouble focusing, irritability, ruins the victim’s sleep and hinders progress.

Eustress is triggered by situations and events such as a test, giving a speech and a deadline. Challenging stress motivates an individual to achieve goals, and also propels one forward leading to happiness and success. Additionally, eustress is a short-term situation that causes no damage to the body of the victim. Low level of stress is essential as it boosts the victim’s brainpower, strength both psychologically and physically, increase short-term immunity and enhance creativity.

Relaxing and not experiencing stress is healthy since it has various benefits such as; it lowers the risk of stroke, cold, breast cancer, and heart disease, boosts memory and helps in making decisions.

Boredom is caused by dissatisfaction, restlessness and lack of focus in individual’s life. However, it enhances creativity and determination to pursue personal goals

In conclusion, stress is both valuable and detrimental to an individual’s life. Knowing how to overcome stress be it distress or entress is vital in enabling an individual handle day to day life challenges.

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