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Trendy Fashion Tips and an Overview of The Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is dynamic and changing at a faster rate. Unlike the old days when offices and boardrooms were filled with suits, heels, and contemporary closed shoes, corporate have incorporated casual wear in their business activities. One of the rising casual wears is the sneakers. Sneakers are cute, comfortable and can complement an official outfit. Nonetheless, a sneaker cannot just be worn anyhow with any outfit. The article below provides some of the essential tips on how to compliment a sneaker with any outfit. Yes, a sneaker can be worn in a formal. These tips will ensure you get that fabulous look.

Make sure your formal attire is well tailored and fit. You cannot just put on sneakers and still wear saggy, baggy suits. The suit must be well fitting and customized for your natural shape. The sneaker will work well for an outfit that is streamlined and trendy. Remember, a sneaker is sensitive, wearing it with an ugly suit will destroy the whole outfit.

A sneaker is a simple shoe and does not need a lot of exaggeration. To have that edgy, official look, you must keep it simple. Do not opt for extremely bright colors, instead choose black/navy colors. The sneaker itself is outstanding. You do not want a funny look.

Get the right sneakers. It is important to take a lot of time selecting the right sneaker for the attire. There are various kinds of sneaker styles which work different outfits. You would rather have a collection of them to blend each sneaker with the right gear.

Sneakers with thin soles can spoil an outfit because it brings an under-dressed, aesthetic look. Turtleneck tops and bold blazers match well when wearing a sneaker.

Now that the sneakers have been accepted in the boardroom, you must know the limits. Know the right events to go with a sneaker. Moreover, ensure you that you maintain the elegant approach to keep the formality. For exclusively formal events, consider incorporating duller sneakers that could not draw attention to business executives.

A blazer always does the magic for sneakers. For instance, when wearing trousers that are not jeans and sneakers, it is casual. Putting on a blazer will blend the outfit well. A blazer with a subtle texture will combine well with the jeans. Ensure you do not put on a blazer with padded shoulders, they create the illusion of extreme casual.

If you are wearing the sneakers for the first time in a formal setting. Platting a one-two game is crucial. Start getting used to the casual outfit for some time, before putting on those sneakers. It Is an excellent strategy as it will enable you to get comfortable and used smoothly.

As much as you love your socks, it is not meant for sneakers. Leave them in the drawer. Instead, you need to show your ankle. It is a small detail but very crucial. Long trousers don’t look any good with a sneaker.
You also do not dozens of colors of sneakers to wear to work. For an elegant look, restrict your colors to plain colors like white, brown, navy blue or black.

Finally, since you have decided to go for the modern look, you must complete the entire casual look with the right accessorize. Leather accessories are the best compliments for sneaker- kind of outfit. More importantly, you preferably have a leather bag which will do magic to the casual outfit.


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