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Understanding Motorcycle Gang, their structure and threat to a community

The formal structure of a motorcycle gang comprises almost all ranks that an organization should have, including the president, secretariat, and treasury. This facilitates the maintenance and carrying out of daily activities such that if a leader is unable to accomplish his/her duty, an election is conducted to keep the business running. Therefore, using a formal structure plays a vital role in the establishment of members’ safety and stability. Additionally, if conflicts arise the head of the gang solves them regardless of whether they involve participants or outsiders. Moreover, having leaders establishes morals and values within the group which aid peace maintenance. On the other hand, if affairs at the club are not working out as expected, the second person in command discusses them with members to ensure that, even with the absence of the president, nothing goes wrong.

Similarly, having a formal structure influences the behavior of the group as well as individuals. This is because, like other organizations, motorcycle gangs have rules that must be followed. Additionally, the existence of other outlaws ensures that a gang does not violate policies governing them and, hence, any group cannot commit misconducts since it could lead to a conflict. Similarly, this could lead to war, thus resulting in losses. Therefore, upholding highest degree of morals is among the attributes of an outlawed group.

On the contrary, street gangs are regarded as groups of criminals who smuggle, produce, transport, and distribute illegal goods across a country. In most cases, they are led by a wanted criminal who is protected by his/her followers with their lives. This is to make sure that authorities do not find him/her. Moreover, these criminals pose serious domestic threats because they engage in activities such as drug trafficking.

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