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Eren Erdem Bio, Biography, Age, Wife, Child, Documents leak and Arrest on Terrorism Charges


Eren Erdem Bio, Biography

Eren Erdem was born on 14 August 1986 in Istanbul, Turkey. He is a Turkish writer and former politician from the Republican People’s Party (CHP). He  served as a Member of Parliament for İstanbul since 7 June 2015 to 24 June, 2018. The  CHP party failed to re-nominate him for Parliament in the 24 June 2018 elections, which meant losing his immunity from prosecution.
Former Member of the Grand National Assembly
Assumed office on 7 June 2015 to 24 June, 2018
Constituency İstanbul Electoral District

Eren Erdem Personal details

Eren Erdem Born | Age

Eren Erdem was born on 14 August 1986 (Current age 31) in Istanbul, Turkey

Eren Erdem Spouse | Wife

He is married to Nuray Erdem

Eren Erdem Parents

His father is Hasan Erdem, while his mother is Hüsniye Erdem

Eren Erden Bio, Biography and Early Life

Eren Erdem was born in Istanbul, Turkey on 14 August 1986 to  Hasan Erdem his father and his mother  Hüsniye Erdem. He completed his primary and secondary education in İstanbul. He started working as an auxiliary staff at a young age to make some extra cash. Some of the books he has written include;

  • Gayya Karanlığından Kur’an Aydınlığına, Abdestli Kapitalizm
  • Nurjuvazi
  • Şeytan Evliyaları
  • Selman-ı Pak
  • İslam ve Kapitalizm
  • Riya Tabirleri, Devrim Ayetleri

Erdem was elected as a Republican People’s Party (CHP) Member of Parliament for Istanbul in the general election of June 2015. He was re-elected in November 2015.  The  CHP party failed to re-nominate him for Parliament in the 24 June 2018 elections, which meant losing his immunity from prosecution.

Eren Erden Leak of Confidential Documents

Erdem leaked various confidential documents from Turkish government surveillance of ISIL-members. The reports are said to indicate detailed information in regards to activities and locations of ISIL-individuals, showing lack of action from the Turkish government. Erdem has alleged a cover-up by the Turkish government, which is implicated in having poor control of the Turkish-Syrian border. Erdem likewise asserts that sarin-gas was transported through Turkey to Syria, later utilized as a part of the Ghouta concoction assault in 2013, as well as later ISIL-assaults against civilians. Erdem appeared before the parliament where investigations prompting the arrest of 13 potential Turkish ISIL-individuals were made, but later mysteriously dropped. The leaks are additionally said to implicate that Erdogan’s immediate family in his son-in-law made monetary benefit through oil-deals ISIL-members.

The material was released through a meeting with the English-dialect Russian news-service Russia Today and has been said to advance Russian hostile to AK Party and against Erdogan sentiment. Erdem faces treachery charges in Turkey for his leaks. A trial was also requested for two writers who wrote about the story. However, it has since been dropped. The prosecution has been seen as a leg in President Erdogan’s crackdown on dissent.

Eren Erden Arrest on Terrorism Charges

Eren Erdem was detained on 29 June 2018  in Ankara after the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office issued a warrant. He was brought to Istanbul by the police where the 35th Heavy Penal Court arrested him.

The former member of the parliament was on trial over his work during his time as the editor-in-chief of Karşı newspaper. He is indictment for “aiding a terrorist organization without being a member,” “revealing the identity of a secret witness,” and “violating the confidentiality of a criminal investigation.”

Erdem, who is charged with links to the Fethullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), could be jailed from nine and a half years  to twenty two years,  as per the indictment. On 29 June 2018, Turkish media reported that Erdem was detained over suspicions that he would flee the country.

Erdem was not nominated again as a deputy candidate by the CHP in the 24 June 2018 elections, which was won by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP).

He tweeted that, “I’ve been detained at the moment. I don’t know the motive. I was detained by the police in front of my house. I’m presenting the public’s knowledge, after his arrest.

Eren Erden Wife and Child

He is married to Nuray Erdem with one youngster and can communicate in English at a familiar level.


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