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Ice TV series – A culture of diamond dealers

Ice TV series Overview

The TV series “ice” presents the culture of diamond dealers, how they conduct their business, and the numerous struggles they undergo trying to survive in the business. The characters in the series are involved in constant power struggles that often lead to criminal activities, even when they are trying their best to remain honorable men. The film focuses on a diamond dealing company, Green and Green owned by the family of Isaac Green and his business partner Cam Rose who is also married to Isaac’s Sister. The diamond dealers are in a highly profitable business that is equally risky. As a result of the pressures that they experience every day, they become social deviants in constant danger.

Ice TV series Selfish Nature of the Characters

The characters in the TV series are incredibly selfish, and they only care for their own without much care for others. They will do anything to increase their wealth, and sometimes even cross their own families and friends. First, Fred who is the first born son to Isaac is a skilled diamond cutter, but he is addicted to alcohol drugs. He has gone to Rehab severally, but he keeps relapsing. Also, although he is the eldest, he is extremely irresponsible, has no family of his own, and he continues to land his family members in trouble, for example at the beginning of the film he accidentally shoots a main dealer for Lady Rah, a major diamond dealer, leaving the Green family in danger and debt of the powerful woman.

Ice TV series Family and Business

Secondly, there is Jack who is the youngest and who had managed to distance himself from the family business for a while. Unlike, he was married to Ava, and they have a teenage daughter together. Unfortunately, their marriage broke because of the secrets of the business which Jake preferred to keep away from her to protect her. Therefore, although he genuinely loves his family, he is forced to stay away from them as he tries to protect them and clear his brother’s debt. Soon after, Jake kills his first person, and this becomes the beginning. Seemingly, he has military skills that help him and his brother to navigate difficult situations. However, his father, Isaac Green is under too much pressure, and he succumbs to injuries after a quarrel with Cam, who was a business associate.

However, before Isaac Green dies, he has written a will in which he excludes the selfish Cam who is already making plans to take over the company. Isaac Green leaves Cam out of the will, perhaps because he was a good judge of character. Notably, Cam is also estranged from his wife, and he spends a considerable sum of his profits on prostitutes. After the reading of the will, Cam is determined to grab the 25% shares from his wife, and he begins alleging that she was mentally ill. Sadly, the malicious Cam switches her drugs to mess with her mental status, and when this does not work, she is forcefully taken to a mental facility, and her outbursts while resisting arrest reinforce the idea that she is mentally ill.

Cameron starts to look for new business partners to try and bankrupt Green and Green by jeopardizing their deals. He sends Malcolm, another son he sired out wedlock to steal from the company and also pays Jake’s friend to sabotage one of their plans to steal a car to repay Lady Rah’s debt. Like Cam, Lady Rah is ruthless. Jake, also frantic to save his family is forced to engage in criminal activities while his brother struggles with another relapse. Jake’s ex-wife also tries to save the company to bankruptcy by getting into a deal with her mother who is a major drug lord. As a result, Ava is also forced to allow her mother to start seeing her daughter, even though she knows that she is extremely dangerous.

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