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Christopher Boon Biography, Wiki, Age, Pleads Guilty, Murder of Laura Mortimer (wife) and Ella Dalby (daughter)

5th November 2018, pleads guilty to the murders of wife (Laura Mortimer) and her 11-year-old daughter

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Christopher Boon is a 28 years old man who on Monday 5th November 2018, pleaded guilty to the murders of his wedding planner wife and her 11-year-old daughter. Boon a resident of Dexter Way, used a kitchen knife to murder wife, Laura Mortimer and Ella Dalby, their child who was studying at Barnwood Park Arts College on 28th May 2018.

Christopher Boon Background information

Christopher Boon Age He is Currently 28 Years old as of 2018
Christopher Boon Charged with The murder of Laura Mortimer (wife) and Ella Dalby (daughter)

Christopher Boon History of violence

As per police records, Christopher Boon was convicted in 2010 of assault, battery and criminal damage relating to a former partner. She was attacked when she ended their relationship. Her mother was also assaulted during the same episode.

When interviewed by police, Boon denied any recollection of the attack on his partner or her mother, telling police he had “blacked out” after the argument.

Police say it is notable this was the same ‘explanation’ he gave them about the murders when arrested.

Boon was handed a nine-month prison sentence for the 2010 offences and suspended for two years, with an unpaid work requirement.

He later started a relationship with Laura Mortimer. People around them regarded him to be “controlling” in the relationship. Boon was alleged to have attacked Laura in 2010. Police were contacted and took statements but ultimately Laura did not support a prosecution. Gloucestershire Social Services were informed.

He was known to have a temper – he threatened Laura’s best friend on one occasion and also punched a wall in anger. Witnesses also say he could be verbally abusive to Ella.

Laura ran out of patience with Boon in early 2018 after he had an affair. By May they were living together purely out of convenience.

On the afternoon of 17th May 2018, Laura explained to her friend that Boon “went for her”. As a result, Laura told Boon that she wanted a divorce.

Laura went on to say that Boon had then punched a hole in a wall and told Laura “that was meant for your face”.

Laura Mortime and Ella Dalby 

The police investigation revealed that Laura Mortime was known to be a loving and caring mother.

“She was kind and considerate,” a force spokesman said. “She worked hard and had a successful and well-respected business of her own.

“Ella was a happy and loving child who loved dancing. A lively student who made the people around her laugh and smile.

“She had a caring nature, a lovely girl adored by everyone. She was devoted to her mother.”

Ella Dalby, an image released by her family
Ella Dalby, an image released by her family
Laura Mortimer, pictured in 2014
Laura Mortimer, pictured in 2014

Christopher Boon Pleads Quilty

Boon pleaded guilty on Monday 5th November 2018, with Bristol Crown Court hearing his marriage to Laura had broken down after she discovered he was having an affair.

Police believe little Ella had heard her mother and Boon arguing on 28th May 2018, with Boon fatally attacking the pair in the kitchen.

He added Laura had injuries to her head and arms – suggesting she had struggled against the attack.

He told the court: “She has clearly fought for her life, seeking to fend off and perhaps grasp back the knife that was being used to kill her.”

Mr Smith said it appeared Ella had gone to the aid of her mother after hearing her downstairs with Boon. “Having heard matters dramatically unfold in the kitchen, Ella got out of her bed and bravely came to the help of her mother.”

“Eleven-year-old Ella must have witnessed, in part at least, the murderous attack on her mother before Boon also attacked his stepdaughter.”

The bodies of Laura and Ella were found on the kitchen floor in “significant pools of blood”.

After the attack, Boon left the property and phoned his mother to tell her what he had done.

But when interviewed by police, Boon denied any recollection of the attack.

Instead, he said: “Everything went black after I picked up the knife”, Gloucester Live reported.


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