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Alice Marie Johnson Biography, Age, Family, Kardashian, Crime, Sentence, Commutation and release

Executive Grant of Clemency for Alice Marie Johnson
Executive Grant of Clemency for Alice Marie Johnson

Alice Marie Johnson Biography

Alice Marie Johnson was born on 30th May, 1955, she is currently 63 years old.  She is a fomer drug dealer convicted for her involvement in Memphis Cocaine trafficking in 1996. She was sentenced to Life imprisonment.  She and her husband divorced in 1989.  After sering for 21 years, her sentence was commuted by President Donald Trump on 6th June, 2018. This was after lobbying by Kim Kardashian west and a petition by public demand on   

Age  Alice Marie Johnson was born on 30th May, 1955, she is currently 63 years old
Family Alice has 5 children the most renowned being her daughter Tretessa Johnson. At the time of her conviction, Alice and her husband had already been divorced.
Limelight Alice Marie Johnson came to the Limelight after being pardoned by President Trump for her drug trafficking charges. She had already served 21 years in prison. The pardon was most influence by Kim Kardashian, American television personality and a petition by public demand on requesting President Donald Trump to give Alice Johnson clemency,


Alice Marie Johnson Crime and sentence

Alice Johnson, a single mother of five children, was arrested in 1993 and convicted in 1996 of eight federal criminal counts due to her involvement in a Memphis, Tennessee-based cocaine trafficking organization. notwithstanding drug conspiracy counts, Baker was indicted for illegal tax avoidance and organizing, the purchase of the house was structured in down payment installment hence avoiding a $10,000 reporting threshold. The arraignment depicted Johnson as the leader of the multi-million dollar cocaine ring, and itemized many drug transactions and conveyances. Proof displayed at preliminary demonstrated that the Memphis activity was associated with Columbian street pharmacists situated in Texas. Johnson was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2017. At the condemning hearing, U.S. Area Judge Julia Gibbons said that Johnson was “the quintessential business person” in a task that managed in 2,000 to 3,000 kilograms of cocaine, with an “exceptionally huge” effect on the community. Co-respondents Curtis McDonald and Jerlean McNeil were condemned to life and 19 years in federal prison, respectively. various other co-litigants who affirmed against Johnson got sentences of amongst probation and 10 years.

Johnson told Mic in 2017 that she had joined the Memphis drug heist after losing a long-lasting employment at FedEx because of a betting addiction, and her divorce with her husband as well as the death of her youngest son in a motorcycle accident. As per a profile in Mic, Johnson petitioned for liquidation in 1991, and dispossession of her home took after. Following her conviction, Johnson recognized that she was a intermediary in the Memphis drug trafficking, she was only assigned to take calls and was not directly involved in carrying or delivering the drugs.

Alice Marie Johnson Commutation and release

Johnson turned into a grandma and great grandma while imprisoned. She showed great conduct in jail, and as indicated by her legal counselor, the superintendent upheld her discharge. A crusade in help of her discharge was propelled by the American Civil Liberties Union and the site Mic; activists who upheld her discharge contended that the discipline was exorbitant and a case of unbalanced effects on African Americans. Various people and associations bolstered Johnson’s offered for mercy, including congressmen Steve Cohen, Bennie Thompson, and Marc Veasey, law teachers Marc Morjé Howard and Shon Hopwood, and Orange is the New Black author Piper Kerman.

Johnson applied for clemency during former President Barack Obama administration; her application was denied. In 2018, Kim Kardashian West and Donald Trump’s child in-law Jared Kushner sought to persuade Trump to give leniency to Johnson. In late May 2018, Kardashian met Trump in the Oval Office to encourage him to acquit Johnson. On June 6, 2018, after Kardashian’s allure, Trump drove Johnson’s sentence, and Johnson was discharged. The recompense was one of a progression of demonstrations of pardon made by Trump is a “couple of prominent cases conveyed to him by partners and partners.” The demonstration was portrayed to some degree astonishing given Trump’s past proclamations for executing drug dealers.

What was Alice Marie Johnson role in the Drug Syndicate

What did Alice Johnson do? As indicated by Alice Johnson’s little girl, Tretessa Johnson, her mom’s part in the Cocaine  drug traffic was through the phone. “My family’s life changed perpetually when she was improsioned,” She wrote on “She was one of thousands of few non violent parties arrested in the operation and was given a life imprisonment.”

As indicated by the prosecution, on the drug intrigue, which incorporated numerous individuals other than Johnson. They had a plan to transport cocaine from Texas to Tennessee and other areas in the US.

A portion of the drug trafficking conspirators met at Alice Johnson’s home, the arraignment says, it added that Alice leased a condo using her daughters name. The arraignment says she additionally conveyed huge aggregates of cash as installment for the cocaine. One 1992 gathering amongst Johnson and different schemers happened at a Memphis shopping center, where they talked about cocaine exchanges.

Despite the fact that her arrest in 1993 was her first offense, Johnson got a lifelong imprisonment, which she started serving in 1996. Ten of her co accussed were given an opportunity to appeal for the reduction of the Jail term. However, Alice Johnson was not given an opportunity to appeal for charges committed despite having no record of previous drug charges.

Kardashian involvement in fighting for the Plight of Alice Johnson

Back in November, 2017 Kardashian’s hired a new team of lawyers on behalf of Johnson. A Los Angeles-based lawyer, Shawn Holley, who is also Kim Kardashian’s lawyer revealed  that,

Kim asked me half a month prior how she could help Alice Johnson in her battle for equity. We at that point started relating with Alice and her group of legal advisors.”

Holley is a famous  lawyer in  based in Los Angeles. She has a whole list of renowned celebrities who entrusted her as their lawyer, they include; a O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson, and Lindsay Lohan.


Kim Kardashian Plea to Pardon Alice Marie Johnson to President Donald Trump

Kim Kardashian West, visited the white House on 30th May, 2018 seeking Donald Trump, the president of United States,  to pardon Alice Johnson. Kardashian advanced Alice’s plea in a meeting with presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner and others. Trump later posted a photo of Kardashian with him in the Oval Office.

Kim Kardashian later posted a birthday wish to Alice Marie Johnson

There was additionally a request of on encouraging Trump to give Alice Johnson clemency, and she got bolster from government officials and jail change promotion gatherings. Johnson isn’t the main government detainee whose flexibility Kardashian West has sought after. She posted on Twitter in help of Matthew Charles, a man sent back to government jail in the wake of being discharged under President Obama’s medication wrongdoer substitutions. There has been no word from Trump on the Matthew Charles case, nonetheless.

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Alice Mari Johnson Age

Alice Marie Johnson was born in 30th May, 1955, she is currently 63 years old.

Alice Mari Johnson Family

Alice has 5 children the most renowned being her daughter Tretessa Johnson who studied business and electrical engineering in college.

Alice Marie Johnson Clemency

On 6th June, 2018, President Donald Trump granted Alice Clemency.

Here are some reactions from Kim Kardashian


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