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Andrew Mccain Biography, Age, Education, Mother (Carol Sheep), Siblings, Hensley & Co, Adopted by John McCain

Andrew McCain Bio

Andrew McCain was born on 12th May 1962 to Carol Sheep and Alasdair E. Swanson, he was later adopted by John McCain in 1965 when he maried Carol. He is the President & Chief Operating Officer for Hensley Beverage Company.

Andrew McCain Age 56 year as of 2018; born on 12th May 1962.
Andrew McCain Occupation President $ COO, Hensley & Co.
 Education Vanderbilt University, Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, 1984, and an MBA, 1986
 Parents Carol McCain, Alasdair E. Swanson, John McCain (adopted)
Siblings Meghan McCainBridget McCainJohn Sidney McCain IVJames McCainSidney McCainDouglas McCain
Grandparents Roberta McCain, John S.McCain Jr, Mary Sheep, Joseph Sheep

Andrew McCain Biography and Career

Andrew McCain 56 years old John McCain adopted child was appointed as the President and Chief Operating Officer for Hensley Beverage Company in 2017. He worked his way up in the company ranks having previously served as the company’s CFO. Andy’s responsibilities consist of overseeing all aspects of the company which includes managing the operations; finance; treasury; accounting; strategic planning; information technology; and sales and marketing functions of the company.

Hensley & Co. was founded in 1955 by Jim Hensley who is the father to Andy’s step mother, Cindy McCain. After his death in 2000 the Cindy inherited the company. She has 34% shareholder and Andrew reportedly owns 6.8%. His other siblings also have ownership. All together, Cindy and her children reportedly own 68 percent of Hensley & Co.

Andrew was a Director for Silver State Bancorp before quitting in 2008 for “personal reasons.”

“In yet another bizarre development in the saga of CMKM Diamonds, better known as CMKX, one of the largest financial frauds in history, Andrew McCain, the son of presumptive Republican presidential candidate John McCain, resigned from the Board of Directors of Henderson, Nevada based Silver State Bank, the bank where hundreds of millions of dollars was deposited as it was stolen from CMKX shareholders … But the younger McCain, who had only been with Silver State Bank for a little over four months after Choice Bank, where McCain was director, was taken over by Silver State, might have to answer questions of his own. Silver State Bank has its own history of problems, and it appears that Andrew McCain either ignored the bank’s past woes, or didn’t properly research the company before joining the Board of Directors … Andrew McCain served on the bank’s Audit Committee, which means his responsibilities included, according to the company’s bylaws, an understanding of finance and accounting.” Mark Faulking reported via his website Faulking Truth.

Andrew McCain Board Member of the Arizona Super Bow

Andy is also a Board Member of the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee; the Arizona 2016 College Football Championship Local Organizing Committee; Chairman of Hensley Employee Foundation; Patrons Committee member of United Methodist Outreach Ministries’ New Day Centers.



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