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Brooke Taylor is a 37-year-old adult film actress and model who grew up in East Moline, Illinois. She is also known as the star of cathouse by HBO playing Brooke Taylor (who became Hof’s girlfriend after Thomas left the show).
Brooke Taylor Age 37 years old as of 2018
Brooke Taylor Parents Bernie (father) a Moline, IL, propane-gas deliveryman and Deb (mother)
Brooke Taylor Occupation Pornstar, Actress, Model
Brooke Taylor Known For Staring in cathouse a HBO Series

Brooke Taylor Biography

Brooke Taylor is best known as a prostitute at the most famous brothel in America, the Moonlight Bunny Ranch. At a young age of 12, she was very attentive to her church’s Sunday school teachings. Brooke at one point fulfilled her atonement for a prank-ordering pizza. She mowed all the lawn only to pay her debt. Then after three years, she felt that she was a heavy burden for her poverty-stricken parents. Her first job was at White’s Ice Cream Parlor as a busgirl. She studied at the United Township High School where she used to play French horn in the school band.

She endured a difficult childhood while growing up. Her father lost all his fingers in a severe forklift accident. Similarly, her brother got his girlfriend pregnant at a very young age. Her mother on the hand suffered from rheumatoid arthritis. She was the first person in her family to graduate from a college at the age of 21. However, after four years, she was the most famous hooker in the whole of America.

Brooke received a partial music scholarship because of her devotion to music, and she studied at Western Illinois University. For the sake of scholarship, she kept up playing the French horn which she loved to play. As she saw a lot of misfortunes in her family, she gradually started taking psychology classes. She graduated with an excellent grade of A-minus average.

Brooke had a string of affairs in her teens, most of them ending in months. She lost virginity at the age of 19 to a guy whom she had been dating for only two weeks. After two years, she was dating a therapist named Ron, who used to care for foster kids. But unfortunately, the relationship did not go pretty well, and she broke up with Ron. Brooke is not married and does not have any husband or children.

Following her break up with Ron around 2007, she decided to work for the BunnyRanch. Like all employees requirements, she was required to send some nude pictures to the brothel. She posted some topless photos of herself, and she was chosen as an employee of the brothel. Brooke Taylor was now the Brooke of the bunny ranch who is fond of teasing her clients and fulfilling their desires.

Brooke has been earns a lot in as a hooker in the brothel. She saves almost 60 percent of her income and she also dreams to have a million dollar net worth. Her savings are however for supporting her family.

Brooke Taylor Dennis Hof

Brook Taylor is known as the star of cathouse by HBO playing Brooke Taylor (who became Hof’s girlfriend after Thomas departed).

(L-R) Bunny Ranch worker Brooke Taylor, Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof and adult film actor Ron Jeremy arrive at the Adult Video News Awards Show at the Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino January 7, 2006 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Bunny Ranch brothel owner Dennis Hof died Tuesday, 16th October 2018.  Daily Mail reveals he had just had sex with one of his own prostitutes Dasha Dare. Hof’s friend found Ron Jeremy 72-year-old’s lifeless body on Tuesday at the Love Ranch South in Crystal, Nevada. Love Ranch prostitute Dasha Dare (pictured below) had sex with Dennis Hof just hours before he died.

Love Ranch prostitute Dasha Dare (pictured) had sex with Dennis Hof just hours before he died.
Love Ranch prostitute Dasha Dare (pictured) had sex with Dennis Hof just hours before he died.

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