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Grace Pauline Kelley Bio, Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Parents, (Wynonna Judd Daughter) and 8 Years Sentence 

Grace Pauline Kelley Bio, Biography

Grace Pauline is the daughter of the renowed American singer Wynonna Judd. She was born 21 June 1996 in California U.S., currently 22 yearls old. On 26th June 2018, she was  arrested and sentenced to Eight years in jail for violating probation and leaving a drug recovery Program. She is to remain at West Tennessee State Penitentiary prison for next 8 years. Furthermore, her release date is August 10, 2025, and she will be eligible for parole in February 2019.

Grace Pauline Kelley Personal details

Grace Pauline Kelley DOB | Age

She was born on 21 June 1996 (22years old, 2018).

Grace Pauline Kelly Charges

  •  Drug trafficking.
  •  Cooking and Selling meth.
  •  Leaving Drug recovery Program and Violating Probation

Grace Pauline Kelly is Famous for

Being the Daughter of Wynonna Judd (American Country Music Musician) and her involvement in making meth and Drug trafficking.

Grace Pauline Boyfriend

Richard Wilcutt

Grace Pauline Kelly Parents

Her mother is Wynonna Judd, while her father is  Arch Kelley III

Grace Pauline Kelly Grandparents

Grace Pauline Kelly Bio, Biography

Grace Pauline was born on 21 June 1996, in California, U.S. She is currently 22 years old. Her mother is a renowned Country music singer Wynonna Judd, while her father is  Arch Kelley III. Her mother married her first husband in 1996, whom she later divorced after two years (1998). Her immediate family is full of America’s household names, for instance, her Aunt is a rnowned actress, Asley Judd while Naomi Judd an American Singer and songwriter is her granmother. She has also a borther who is trying to make his name in the music industry, Elijah Judd.

Grace Pauline Kelly Drug History, Charges and Boyfriend

In December 2015 cops caught Kelley alongside another man rumored to be her boyfriend, Richard Wilcutt, in a car with an improperly installed license plate in the parking lot of the drugstore. During their questioning, pseudoephedrine and a receipt for Coleman fuel were found in a bag that had been thrown outside of their car. The items found in the vehicle are usually used to make meth; thus Wilcut and Kelley were arrested and charged with meth manufacturing and selling.

A year later, Kelley was arrested in Alabama and was cited as a fugitive from the law.

In May 2017, she was found guilty for cooking and selling meth. Initially, she was supposed to spend one year in jail, But her sentence was changed to one-year probation with 30 days in prison. In November 2017, she broke the probation, and a warrant arrest was issued. She was arrested on June 2018 and charged for violating her probation.

“A warrant for probation violation was issued on November 22, 2017, and served on December 16, 2017.” Williamson County Representative
She has been charged for eight eights in prison, meaning her release from prison would be 2025. She at the same time has an option for parole in February 2019, in the meantime, she will be spending her days in at West Tennessee State Penitentiary prison.

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