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Jael Strauss, a Former Americas next top model contestant, dies from breast cancer

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Jael Strauss Bio

Jael Strauss was born on 3rd July 1984 in Detroit, Michigan and died on Tuesday 4th December 2018 (age 34 years). TMZ was the first to report the news of her death. Strauss is a Former “America’s Next Top Model” contestant and also appeared in the 2009 horror film Goreality. She was diagnosed with  Stage IV (Metastatic) Breast Cancer on 2nd October 2018.
Jael Strauss Personal information
Jael Strauss Born She was born on 3rd July 1984 in Detroit, Michigan, US
Jael Strauss Died She died on Tuesday 4th December 2018 (age 34 years)
Jael Strauss Cause of Death Breast Cancer
Jael Strauss Movies and TV Shows  America’s Next Top Model, Goreality (2009)
Jael Strauss Parents Her father was Ashkenazi Jewish/Sephardi Jewish, and her mother is African-American
Jael Strauss GoFundMe Friends created a GoFundMe page for the family asking for donations to help pay for funeral arrangements and outstanding medical expenses.

Jael Strauss America’s Next Top Model

Jael Strauss competed on the eighth season of America’s Next Top Model in 2007 and finished sixth in the competition. The competition was won by Jaslene González, a Puerto Rican model, television host.

Jael Strauss  Battle with Substance Abuse and Addiction (Dr. Phil)

In September 2012, the then-28-year-old Strauss appeared on The Dr. Phil Show, where her battle with “substance abuse and addiction” led to a hometown intervention. Weeks after the episode aired, Strauss began her journey to sobriety. On August 2017 she wrote on Facebook;

“Today I have 5 years sober. Good God!” she wrote in August. “I know a few things to be true: Miracles are real, Recovery is possible for everyone no matter how far gone you think you are, We are never too broken to be put back together.”

Jael Strauss  Stage IV (Metastatic) Breast Cance

At the end of September 2018, Jael Strauss became very sick and was diagnosed with aggressive Stage IV Rapidly Progressive Metastatic Inflammatory Breast Cancer. It had metastasized and spread beyond the breast tissue. Strauss also updated her Instagram bio to reflect her medical situation, asking her followers to send positive wishes. “Currently fighting stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer,” it read. “Plz send miracles.💋”

She began chemotherapy for a short while but later decided to stop chemo around Halloween, 31st October. She went into hospice on Thanksgiving, 22nd November saying on Facebook, “First night in hospice. So many things I never knew about life. Or death. So many things.”

Jael Strauss Death and Cause

Jael Strauss died on Tuesday 4th November 2018 after a 2 months battle with breast cancer. As per an update posted to her official fundraising page on GoFundMe, “Today we lost our earth angel, and she is back in the spirit world from which she came, and we know she will be watching over all of us,” read the update. “She will dance at how we celebrate her life by spreading the love that she lived by daily with a reckless abandon.”

Fellow “America’s Next Top Model” contestant Jaslene Gonzalez, who was crowned the winner of the 2007 season, paid tribute to Strauss on Twitter.



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