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James McCain read one of his father’s favorite poems at the National Memorial Service on 1st September 2018

James McCain Bio

James McCain, who is also known as Jimmy McCain, is one of the late John McCain’s four sons. He was born on 21 May 1988. He followed his father’s legacy of Military Service and served his country in Iraq and Afghanistan. His brother John Sidney McCain IV also serves in the military as Navy lieutenant and a helicopter pilot.

Born He was born on 21st May 1988
Age 30 Years old as of 2018
Parents John McCainCindy McCain
Wife Holly Rose
Grand Parents Roberta McCain and John S.McCain Jr
Occupation U.S. Army Officer
Net Worth To be established

James McCain Biography

James McCain was born on 21 May 1988 and is currently 30 years old as of 2018. In 2008, newspapers in the United States and throughout the world published that Jimmy McCain, who was then 19-years-old, was serving in Iraq. At the time, his father had made his support for the war in Iraq a centerpiece of his presidential campaign.

James McCain Millitary Career

James was only 17-years-old when he enlisted, he, however, did not tell his parents until after he had already done so. At the time Jimmy McCain enlisted in the U.S. Marines, Cindy McCain, his mother, had to sign consent forms for his medical examination. The British newspaper equated his service to that of Britain’s Prince Harry. Jimmy McCain served in the Anbar Province of Iraq. He is reported to have handed out footballs to residents in Iraq and conducted house-to-house patrols.

Although Senator McCain’s service – especially his time as a POW in Vietnam – was the subject of national headlines. He tried to keep his own son’s time in Iraq out of the news, apparently because he feared news coverage could make his son a target.

James McCain Holly Rose

In 2016 Jimmy married Holly Rose. He was once described as the family’s “peacemaker” by the late, John McCain.

James McCain read one of his father’s favorite poems at the National Memorial Service

John McCain loved this poem, “Requiem” by Robert Lois Stevenson, his son, James McCaine read it at his father’s funeral at the National Cathedral on 1st September 2018..


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