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Stan Lee, J.C. Lee's father dies on Monday morning, 12th November 2018

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Joan Celia Lee Bio

Joan Celia Lee commonly known as J.C. Lee was born in April 1950 as Joan Celia Lieber. She is an actress and producer, known for The Ambulance (1990), Fuze and The Cool World (1963). Her parents are Stan Lee, an American comic book writer who died on 12th November 2018 and Joan Boocock Lee a British model who died on 6th July 2017.
Joan Celia Lee Age She was Born in 1950 (age 68 years)
Joan Celia Lee Occupation Actress, Producer, Model, Businesswoman
Joan Celia Lee Parents Joan B. Lee (mother), Stan Lee (father)
Joan Celia Lee Siblings
Jan Lee – Stan Lee’s daughter born and died in 1953

Joan Celia Lee Biography

J.C. Lee was born in April 1950 as Joan Celia Lieber. She is an actress and producer, known for The Ambulance (1990), Fuze and The Cool World (1963).  She had a younger sister named Joan Lee, who was born in 1953, but she died only three days after her delivery. J.C. grew up in awe of her father’s work with comic books and is later quoted saying that she was inspired by his creativity and his work ethic. “I mean, my father’s really a showman. He studied acting,” she revealed. “He needed to support a family, and he always was with the written word: he can recite anything by Shakespeare, by Rudyard Kipling, I mean, he’s really a man of the word. He’s a good man. He’s a hard, hard worker.”

J.C. learned how to do comic book layouts at paste-ups at a young age, as she worked closely with her father and Marvel Studios into adulthood. When asked which parent she took after more, Stan Lee told the Daily Beast that she inherited his mind for business. “Maybe a little more after me, because she’s more interested in the way things work in business,” he said. “But she’s incredibly like her mother.”

Joan Celia Lee Role in Her father’s Finances

When her mother, Joan Lee died in 2017, J.C. was left to handle most of her father’s finances. “For years, J.C. and Joan were very protective of Stan’s finances,” said Kirk Schenck, J.C.’s attorney. “He was the creative type who preferred to delegate the management of the family’s money. Since her mother’s death, J.C. has had to operate alone to combat multiple men who descended on Stan in an effort to attach themselves to Stan and his various businesses and to manage his affairs.”

Joan Celia Lee Movies Roles 

Even though J.C spent most of her time working as an artist, she has spent time as a model and an actress. She made her screen debut in the 1963 film The Cool World, where she’s was created as “1st Coolie.” Her other film credits include a robot voice in the 1994 animated series Iron Man and an inquisitive neighbor in the 1990 thriller The Ambulance alongside James Earl Jones and Eric Roberts. Her most recent part was in the 2017 TV series No Actor Parking.

Joan Celia Lee Accusations of Misuse of Father’s Money

While J.C. has pursued several different career paths, there have been accusations leveled against her that she has spent copious amounts of her father’s money. She, however, denied these allegations outright and was supported by Lee himself. “I decided my daughter is no longer a teenager,” he told the Daily Beast. “This money will be left to her, and instead of waiting until I die, I will give her as much as I can for her to enjoy now. And that’s what I’m trying to do.”

“Sometimes we have a few discussions, ‘Dad, can I ever have another few bucks?’ And I say, ‘Are you sure you’ll be left with enough?’ But there’s no problem,” J.C. added. “There’s no problem at all.”

Joan Celia Lee Learning App

In 2017, J.C. partnered up with Becky Wanta and Alain Nguyen of Social Media Applications to create the SuperKids app. The app is meant to help children develop their literacy skills, and the proceeds from the app will go towards various charities and support groups.

“They figure, well, if the super-king of comics’ greatest creation is me, I gotta be a Super Kid,” she told the Huffington Post. “So they approached me just thinking: ‘Stan Lee’s Greatest Creation / Super Kid.’ And also I’m someone who cares about people, and this is a positive, encouraging kind of app, with which people can feel good about themselves, and work on what they want to work on – making them a stronger, better individual, through something that’s colorful and fun.”

J.C. also spoke on the influence that her father’s comic books had on the app. “I never thought I was sort of ‘born’ – I thought I fell out of one of the ink bottles of the Marvel – which was then Timely (Comics) – office,” she joked. “And I’ve never veered. It runs through my blood, and what they’re presenting with the Super Kids, I think other people can feel it, and it can be very exciting for them. And it can put them in this new venue of creativity and color, and excitement, and nothing that’s negative or evil or nasty.”

Joan Celia Lee Book

In 2015, J.C. published a photo book titled It’s All Love: The Stan Lee Family. The book was released as a tribute to her father and mother. “I love books… I must have been on this book for three years now,” she told Naluda Magazine. “I just had all these pictures of my parents, and frankly I’m ready to start the second book. And take it up a notch.”

“I have two incredibly talented parents, and part of my joy has been watching them,” she added. “And just being this, you know, it’s like watching a love story. It’s been such a joy. And I’ve gone into the world, and I’ve traveled, and I’ve done my part, but I’ll tell you: I’ve never found anything better than my parents – and their talent and genius, and their love story. And their attitude: who they are, and how they think.”

J.C. also stated that the book was a “labor of love” for the entire family. “It’s really done with just love, and it’s really like just sharing something private,” she explained. “My mother said it had passion, and certainly filled with LOVE. It’s nice to see something a little organic, that’s done with love and all that good stuff we artists like.”

Joan Celia Lee Father (Stan Lee) Death and Cause

Stan Lee, J.C.’s father died on Monday morning, 12th November 2018. The legendary comic book artist passed away at the Cedars Sinai Medical Center on Monday morning, according to TMZ. He was 95. He had been suffering from a bout of pneumonia and vision issues.

Joan Celia Lee with father, Stan Lee
Joan Celia Lee with father, Stan Lee


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