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Who is Jodie Turner-Smith, Joshua Jackson alledged new beau

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Jodie Turner-Smith Bio

Jodie Turner-Smith is a Jamaican actress, known for Nightflyers (2018), Lemon (2017) and The Neon Demon(2016). Her father is Eron Smith and she has two siblings: a brother, Brandon Antonino Giovanni Smith, and a sister, Toni Gasson-Smith.
Jodie Turner-Smith Birthday She celebrates her birthday  on 7th November
Jodie Turner-Smith Nationality Jamaican

Jodie Turner-Smith Career

She was just cast as the star of the upcoming Universal picture Queen & Slim alongside Oscar-nominee Daniel Kaluuya.  The film follows a couple who are stopped by the police and looks at how the experience affects their lives, according to Variety.

She will also play supermodel Grace Jones in the Marvin Gaye biopic Sexual Healing alongside Jesse L Martin.

Her other credits include The Last Ship for TNT, Mad Dogs for Amazon, and True Blood for HBO, and a number of independent films.

Joshua Jackson Girlfriend, Jodie Turner-Smith 

Joshua Browning Carter Jackson is a Canadian actor. He has appeared in primetime television and in over 30 film roles. His well-known roles include Pacey Witter in Dawson’s Creek, Charlie Conway in The Mighty Ducks film series, Peter Bishop in Fringe, and Cole Lockhart in The Affair.

Jackson, 40, has been linked to a string of women including TV host Alyssa Julya Smith, and model Shafia West, following the end of his ten-year relationship with Diane two years ago.

According to the Metro, The pair(Jackson and Jodie)  were pictured in Los Angeles on Sunday, 18th November 2018 where they went for coffee and looked around a few shops. They held hands and smiled and laughed as they talked animatedly.

Joshua Jackson Girlfriend, Jodie Turner-Smith 
Joshua Jackson Girlfriend, Jodie Turner-Smith

Late on Sunday night, Turner-Smith seemed to tweet about her new man. Sharing a heart face emoji, she wrote: ‘when he leaves and you are free to rub gobs of aloe on your face because self-care is important and so is space and time alone.’

Jodie Turner-Smith Birthday

Jodie Turner-Smith was born on 7th September. The year of birth will soon be updated.

Jodie Turner-Smith Instagram

Jodie Turner-Smith Interview

How did you get your start in modeling?

JODIE: Interestingly enough, what pushed me to start modeling was an encounter I had in Pittsburgh. I was backstage with some friends of mine who worked with N.E.R.D at one of their shows and was introduced to Pharrell. At the time I was looking to pursue a career in writing and told him as such. He told me that I needed to be in front of a camera, and proceeded to call a friend of his who was in the industry. That moment wasn’t necessarily a “be all end all moment”, what struck me about it was that here was a perfect stranger so excited and insistent upon me pursuing this idea that I knew nothing about and never thought I could before. It inspired me to believe in myself. A month later, I moved to Los Angeles, walked into NEXT Model Management and booked my first job, a Levi’s campaign.

How is acting different from modeling?

JODIE: I think that anyone who models understands that being in front of the camera requires a bit of acting. In so many ways, you’re playing a role, though it is definitely a simplified version of what you do on a stage or screen. With acting, the role you play isn’t about selling a product, and you have the chance to be much more creative. There is so much more preparation that goes into it and into creating your interpretation of the character that has been written. With modeling, you can get away with just being a silent pretty face. When you’re acting, you have to be more than that.

As a writer in addition to being a model, do you feel it gives you a unique perspective on fashion?

JODIE: Writing has been my outlet for as long as I can remember and it precedes my identity as a model–which basically means that before I was told I could make a living by appearing “attractive”, I was just an awkward book-worm crafting stories that came from the world inside my head. Actually, I’m still an awkward book-worm crafting stories that come from the world inside my head! I think that aspect of me gives me a perspective that is equal parts cerebral and creative. It is also gives me a unique ability to commit all of the colorful characters and experiences I’ve encountered to a very humorous story in the book I’ll write when I get older!

What was your experience on True Blood like?

JODIE: I’m still reeling from that fact that my first acting experience was on one of my favorite shows! While getting covered in fake blood from head to toe wasn’t the most comfortable costume, I had such an amazing time working on the show. Stephen Moyer is a great actor and director, and he directed the first episode that I did. He was also the only character throughout the season who could see my character, so the aspect of haunting him in a sense was a really fun role to play! I don’t know how my poor dad is gonna react to me being a naked vampire, but it hasn’t aired yet in the UK, so I’ve got time to break it to him!



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