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20th October 2018; McMurray dies in a wing-walking accident over Westwold, British Columbia, while filming a music video.

Jon James McMurray Wiki

Jon James McMurray Bio

Jon James McMurray (was born on 28th July 1984 and died on 20th October 2018. He is also known as Jon James. He was a professional freeskier, rapper, filmmaker and stunt artist.

He was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and moved to Los Angeles,  California,  United States.

McMurray died on 20th October 2018 in a wing-walking accident over Westwold, British Columbia, while filming a music video.

Jon James McMurray Personal information
Jon James McMurray Birthday He was born on 28th July 1984 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Jon James McMurray Died He died on 20th October 2018 (aged 34) in Westwold, British Columbia
Jon James McMurray Death and Cause He died while attempting to walk on the wing of an aircraft
Jon James McMurray Wife  Kali James (m. 2016–2018)
Jon James McMurray Parents  Jen McMurray (mother), Doug McMurray (father)
Jon James McMurray Siblings Jarred McMurray
Jon James McMurray Net Worth He had an estimated Net Worth of $ 310,000 as at the time of his death.
Country Canada
Sport Freeskiing

Jon James McMurray Family

McMurray was born to parents,  Jen McMurray (mother) and Doug McMurray (father). He had one sibling, a brother, Jarred McMurray.

Jon James McMurray Wife (Kali James)

At the time of death, McMurray’s wife was Kali James. The wedding was 2 years ago (2016).

Kali James is a 26-year-old model who is quoted saying she fell in love with McMurray the moment she met him.

“He taught me about the music industry. I was just a Playboy model when I met him,” she said according to Canada News.

“He’s just super chill, he didn’t judge anybody, people loved him and gravitated towards him.”

“He’s just a loving person and he would never wish ill on anyone and he would never talk down to anyone.”

Jon McMurray with wife Kali James
Jon McMurray with wife Kali James

Jon James McMurray Skiing

McMurray was known for combining freeskiing and extreme stunts. He was the first action sports personality to successfully land a back-flip from rail to rail. He began his career as a professional athlete during high school, and competed and filmed internationally throughout North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. He was featured in action sports movies by Matchstick Productions, Poorboyz Productions, Level 1 Productions, and others.

McMurray was also the owner and founder of Loose Canon Productions, a film company that released the sports action lifestyle film Without A Cause. His major sponsors throughout his career included Oakley, Rossignol, Rip Curl, and Smith Optics.

Jon James McMurray Injuries

McMurray’s tendency to perform dangerous stunts led to several serious injuries including seven surgeries, a fractured neck and a broken back on two separate occasions.

Jon James McMurray Death and Cause

McMurray died On 20th October 2018, while attempting to walk on the wing of an aircraft, a stunt known as wing walking, while filming a music video. McMurray fell off the wing too close to the ground to deploy his back up parachute. He was 34.

McMurray had been training “intensively” for months before attempting the stunt.

His management in a statement said that “As Jon got further out on to the wing it caused the small Cessna to go into a downward spiral that the pilot couldn’t correct. Jon held on to the wing until it was too late, and by the time he let go, he didn’t have time to pull his chute. He died instantly from the impact.

The pilot managed to correct the out-of-control plane and it landed safely just a few minutes later in British Columbia on Saturday, 20th October 2018.

McMurray had a passion for daring stunts

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